Losing hope for travel ball season due to covid - 19

Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by TheSoftballZone, May 30, 2020.

  1. TheSoftballZone

    TheSoftballZone Administrator

    Is anyone to the point that they're really starting to worry about the summer season? I don't even coach and it's looking like what ever hope I had for playing ball is slowing fading away.

    I'm sure, I'm not the only one feeling this way.
  2. HITTER23

    HITTER23 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Ive been saying all along that i seriously doubted that it would happen, unfortunately, theres just wayyyy too many obstacles involved.
  3. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    I lost Hope a while ago for the Big Venues. I have always had faith we would play this Summer. Maybe not the level of competition we desired but our athletes will be on the fields.
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  4. AnotherSoftballDad

    AnotherSoftballDad Active Member

    The smaller tournaments will be fine....but the bigger ones are dwindling.

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