Moving kid from drop 10 to a drop 8. Why do it? When do it?

Discussion in 'General Softball' started by 2ndTimer, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. 2ndTimer

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    Not sure who the current hitting GURUs out here are now of the likes of HITTER, Boulders Dad, ..... others but love to hear feedback on a current scenario.

    I've seen lots of kids , parents, coaches experiment with what's the right bat size weight/length for their hitter.

    For my personal immediate situation, I have DD who's hit 106 HRs in her four year career of HS (34 HRs) on Varsity and Competing only at 18 Gold(72 HRs). Now a frosh in College, Hitting coach suggest going from drop 10 to drop 8. DD prior to switching has 83mph bat speed with consistent 78-81 ball exit speeds, and hit .580 in HS ball, averaged .450+ in 18 Gold for four years again with significant power and high average and a 1/10 AB to K ratio and a 1/5 AB to HR ratio. DD hit 5 balls over 300 feet in last year during both HS and Travel games with the average HRs traveling 260-280 and serious bombs 300+.

    Is this the type of hitter that would benefit from 2 ounces added? I see potential reasons to do this but seeing DD doing things only handful across the country are doing and knowing she'll be competing against lots of Power 5 pitchers(SEC/ACC...) and her conference has several top 50 pitchers nationally.

    As a dad, I really haven't been involved in my DDs decisions on the "how" for a couple years as she owns her game and has benefited from the GREATs out here on OFC and across the country for years to understand how to build / manage her skills, but this one is interesting, as my personal opinion is that stepping up into HIGH END college Softball, I personally would be much more focused on Barrel Control then adding weight/force to a kid already crushing balls long enough to leave MLB fences.

    Am I missing something, or should DD be on guard to not messing with barrel control for sake of small, unneeded added force? Also, don't want to risk being perceived as un-coach-able or know it all.
  2. BouldersDad

    BouldersDad Member

    I will probably get lambasted for this but if it’s not broke don’t try to fix it. Bat head release and hand path should be paramount. The faster pitching at the level she will be hitting will more than make up for the difference of adding 2 oz on the end of the bat. Faster in faster out.
    Some will say you can’t physically fel a 2 oz difference, but I have seen a ton of kids pick up bad habits like hand drop and casting when switching from a balanced to a end loaded bat.
    Just my 2 cents. Good luck on her career in college.
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  3. 2ndTimer

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    Thanks! I think physics leans towards what you're saying and probably why I'm feeling a bit anxious about this. Love to hear from players, parents, coaches that are experienced in monitoring transitions like this. I'll be hovering to watch if casting or hand dropping or hand path changes...
  4. Stedman00

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    so, DD has proven herself with all above stats, is moving to college where competition will be tougher and coach wants to make it harder to hit the ball? I'd have coach's head examined.

    that 2 oz will feel like a ton of weight. No way I would push her to change from her -10.
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  5. DanMaz

    DanMaz Active Member

    why change if it aint broken..... seems like she is on track to make some great things happen and already has. why try to mess with things now?
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  6. Stretch

    Stretch Member

    The most common bat at the college level is 34 / 24 for a reason.

    And you definitely do not see Anderson bats.
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  7. CARDS

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    As others have stated the numbers leading up to college are very impressive.

    My thoughts are don't mess with a good thing especially if these numbers came against play in good leagues and events.

    Now, Maybe the college coach is an offensive guru...Where his teams lead their league in most if not, all offensive stats...well maybe he knows something...
    On the other hand...if his teams struggles scoring and does not fair well in many offensive categories now you know why...
  8. daboss

    daboss Active Member

    I'd like to offer my 2 cents. Let's look at this from a different angle. Her college hitting instructor is requesting she change to try a different weighted bat.

    This is her new and current hitting instructor...................

    Anyone else see the point I"m making?

    Look, I get what all of you are saying and agree. BUT, we are not in a power position in her life that could mean the difference in her playing time or her possible financial aid being granted by her position on the team. Many of these grants and scholarships accepted are 4 one-year deals that can be changed from season to season. We don't know the chemistry between her and this coach or how her refusal to make a change would be accepted. When kids go to school on scholarship that becomes their job to help pay for her education. When kids voluntarily sign up to play for a school they are accepting to perform with the team under the leadership of the existing coaching staff and represent them in the chosen sport. Some times the common sense of it all gets lost. Lost to the point that a coach may be asking one of their best and most natural hitters to do something different. Nobody in their comfort zone likes change. So what are we doing here?

    This is a situation where being diplomatic would be beneficial. Open-minded and energetic to the challenge, why not go ahead and give it a try. A player like this with these numbers probably is not going to lose anything in her swing from the experience. If the newer weighted bat turns out to be less effective her change back to within her comfort zone and her mechanics will instinctively resurface with little effort. Maybe I wouldn't say this about a 14 yr old but we're not talking about a rookie to the game. This kid is seasoned. She'll be fine. What needs to be honed here are her people skills under her current situation. Who knows, maybe this change could be refreshingly positive if given a fair chance. Jessica Mendoza wouldn't hesitate to try a different weighted bat.................

    If it simply doesn't work out she can ask to go back to what more comfortable and my guess is they'll be more receptive, especially if the overall team performance is being effected. Until then, be a good soldier.
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  9. 2ndTimer

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    Thanks Everybody for your sincere comments as they are very helpful. I argee with everything everybody has stated and I BELIEVE "daboss" has simply summarized it all both the performance and the political part of this scenario. My DD is showing she's completely OK with experimenting and assured me, she will go back if SHE isn't satisfied with the transition after fall. I guess, I really dind't need to ask as she again completely reminds me "She is fully in control" of her process. So proud, I guess this is all my insecurity and lack of control(Yes, I used to be a control freak..... verdict not out yet though... : ) Appreciate everything you all contributed and as a reminder to many stressed parents out there, TIME usually heals everything so don't ever react, take things in, and TRUST our DDs are smarter and stronger than we tend to remember as for me I sometimes still see that 8u kid. Every time I think I cut the chord, here I am again. LOL!

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