New ODH order mandates masks for all spectators, including youth and club sports

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    I stopped listening. I've talked to a few people today and the consensus has been this is related to "contact" sports. However, you are correct it is NOT written that way.
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    To me it looks like single games or matches for the specific sports. Would make wrestling, youth basketball, and volleyball more difficult. I think baseball and softball are OK without being specified in the order
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  3. The consensus within the Reopen group I am still involved with is that this doesn't pertain to baseball/softball. But the order is so vague and unexplained that it can be interpreted a bunch of different ways.

    The group had been silent for most of June/July until the SW basketball group put together a lawsuit against the governor and were able to get a stay to the order for the time being. I do not know how long that will last.

    This order/mandate from the interim health director came out and the emails started flying. Again so vague that no one is sure how to apply it including local health depts. And heaven forbid calling to ask big city health depts for clarification like Franklin County. Run around after run around and then voicemail with nothing back for weeks.

    Seems like every time some normalcy starts to return to life, the government moves the goalposts. And now they are playing dirty with fines and temp suspensions of items like licensing.

    I have an event that our region wanted to run in the first weekend of November as a Great Lakes Fall National but that is the weekend after the election so who knows what might come out of that and if the state will go into lock down again like the Dem opponent has stated publicly the past few days if he is elected President.
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    The concesous is no one in this sport cares what Dewine says anymore. If you did you stopped your kid from playing already or you have no point and silently follow his BS. (Which is your right) I've been all over the county and order or not it's not followed. Move on, enjoy your life, and kids.
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    In Erie County our fall ball on schedule was changed on Sunday to play 1 team instead of 2. The Erie County Health Department insisted that the order must be followed. Also, the end of the fall tournament for this league has been cancelled. I also have had a tournament in Sandusky County cancelled per the order. Lucas County is also following this order for fall baseball at least.
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    this ill written order cannot be correct. with no traceable events to any outdoor events, they are just going to rescind everything?
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    That's aweful... this order, like all the other ones, changed and now doesnt include softball. The Gov is just throwing darts blindly and seeing what stupidity people accept. Hope he gets impeached like they're trying to do
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    Thanks for sharing

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