New slapper rule vs pitchers lane

Discussion in 'General Softball' started by Dawgsdad, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. Dawgsdad

    Dawgsdad Member

    So the new slapper rule has definitely effected the college game! I have watched about 20 games since the opening night 2 Thursdays ago. Now why is ok for the pitcher to be able to have her foot partially to almost fully out of the pitcher's lane at release but the batter cannot be an inch out of the batter box? Seems a bit of a disadvantage to me. I know she must start on the pitcher plate with both feet inside but this Auburn pitcher has to be illegal 80% of the time, per the rule.
  2. SMc4SMc

    SMc4SMc Member

    80%, your being kind.

    For about the last 2 seasons it seems like anything goes for the pitchers- replant, lane, and presentation.

    And, for about the those same 2 seasons it seems like more restrictions (definitions) for slappers, catchers, and baserunners on obstruction/interference situations.

    Lengthen the batter's box ?
    Widen the pitcher's lane ?
    Additional ump ?
    STOP TWEAKING, so much?
    ACC Extra buy cameras?
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  3. BretMan2

    BretMan2 TSZ/OFC Umpire in Chief

    The pitching lane rule always has been that the feet must be "within, or partially within" the lane. As long as any part of the foot is touching the line it's legal, even if the rest of the foot is outside the line. No change there...

    That's what the batter's box rule used to be, up until this year when they changed it. The batter's foot could be partly outside the lines, as long as some portion of the foot was actually touching the lines.

    Personal opinion here...I think that this is a dumb rule change that neither adds anything to the game nor makes the rule easier to call.

    The "official" NCAA explanation for the change was that "slappers were gaining an advantage that other batter's didn't have". What? All batters were subject to THE EXACT SAME RULE on foot placement, whether they were slappers or batting conventionally. If they were all subject to the same rule, then how was it an advantage for some but not for others?
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  4. b lesh

    b lesh Member

    I agree, nothing stops a lefty to go to the front of the box and possibly stride out of it. I think it will bother the batter that crowds the plate more if called.
  5. Rex Tiller

    Rex Tiller New Member

    All rules should be the same for all of the lines on the field for all of the players.
  6. DanMaz

    DanMaz Active Member

    do we know for sure if this rule will be enforced in this years high school season?
  7. BretMan2

    BretMan2 TSZ/OFC Umpire in Chief

    It better not be enforced in high school. This new rule is for NCAA ball ONLY!
  8. DanMaz

    DanMaz Active Member

    amen to that.
  9. Maxdad

    Maxdad Member

    Watched a few games over the weekend of the Texas invite( Michigan, Ohio State, Wichita State, VA Tech, Texas) and saw multiple instances of lefty slappers who should have been called out with the OLD rule who were not (foot completely outside the box). Most definately should have been called out due to the new rule. Commentators on the Longhorn Network never even mentioned the new rule. They did comment at least once how the batter was lucky to have not been called out. On replay her back foot was darn near in front of the plate at contact, absolutely completely outside the box.

    Will have to see if this gets called much. It is pretty difficult for the blues to see unless they are specifically looking for it. I suspect there will not be much of an increase in calls over the old rule which was hardly ever called.
  10. Stedman00

    Stedman00 Member

    saw at least 1 example over weekend, where slapper was called out for being out of the box. replay clearly showed both feet were not even on the lines, let alone partially outside the lines. roll the dice i guess.
  11. SMc4SMc

    SMc4SMc Member

    Umps were consistent and accurate enforcing the batter's box, and illegal pitches.

    Slappers were trying but it looks like it'll take a few weeks more before they adjust their tactics.

    The illegal pitches being called seemed to take a lot of reminders from the coaches (and fans).

    Didn't matter. 2 pitches later, back to the usual- no call. The position of the ump seemed negligible versus increased dialog with the coaches.
  12. Dawgsdad

    Dawgsdad Member

    Over the past 2 weeks, I have seen no calls for the new rule which shouldve been called and a couple close ones called wrong. Overall, most calls were obvious. The pitchers are all over the pitchers lane with only their heel touching it.

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