NRF Rebellion Folds

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    Sad but with 14 teams not making it over the past ten years (according to the article) I wonder how much longer the league will stay a float.

    Playing 50 games over 4 months with extensive travel the cost has got to be much more than attendance alone can overcome.

    We attended two games in Chicago a few years back and the attendance I thought was lower than the league average of 1500. (I would guess more like 700/800).
    Mens slow pitch draws better for just a home run derby. Heck ,we even draw 3000+ for a HS football game.

    I think the league will need to be better connected with youth events to get the numbers to stay afloat and grow. If they do not grow they will not survive...

    On a side note: I cannot believe with how much CA and AZ are "supposed to be" softball states they are not able to get something going.
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