Obstruction? Interference? Nothing?

Discussion in 'The Umpires Life and Rulings' started by Tallmadge Force Gold, Jun 19, 2022.

  1. Tallmadge Force Gold

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    Is this play obstruction by the shortstop? Interference by the runner? Or nothing?

    Can the shortstop be considered in the act of fielding a batted ball even after the pitcher has fielded it?
  2. daboss

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    Okay, after enlarging to full screen I see what happened here. I can see where an ump would call interference. It's a game incident that seems so innocent by nature but I believe the rules cover this type of play. This is one nobody likes. lol
  3. yocoach

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    The ball never passed the first defensive player able to make a play on the ball which was the pitcher in this case. Had the pitcher not deflected the ball and made the play, then it could have been interference. As daboss said, this is one of those plays that nobody wants to see happen but they do. Also, it's a judgement call by the umpire since they would have had to feel that the BR would have reached the base safely without running into the defensive player. In this case, nothing would be the call IMO.
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  4. BretMan2

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    This is obstruction. F6 isn’t in the act of fielding the batted ball, so she can’t impede the runner.

    An obstructed runner can’t be put out between the two bases where she was obstructed. If it’s judged that she would have safely made third base, minus the obstruction, then she’s awarded third base. Otherwise, she’s placed back on second base (unless forced to third by another runner).
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