OHIO NIGHTMARE 16u looking for a catcher

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  1. 16u Ohio Nightmare, based out of Central Ohio, is looking for a catcher who is up for a challenge. We are looking for a catcher who wants to compete on a National level and is willing to train to get there. You will be trained 2-3 days a week throughout the year by training coach John Abbruzesse.

    Coach Abbruzesse specializes in functional training and skill development. He coached with the Ohio Nightmare from 2007-2014, where his team finished consistently in the top 100 Nationally. The 2014 Nightmare team finished the season 12th Nationally in the CPI (College Placement Index).
    Former Ohio Nightmare player and current Ohio University 3rd baseman, Mikayla Cooper, is one of several former veteran Nightmare players who have joined the coaching staff.

    If you are interested in attending a workout please contact Lou at Ohionm01@gmail.com or leave a comment. Please include player details.
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    Is there an additional charge for training in addition to team fees?
  3. Great question, absolutely not.
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    That's great, thanks
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    Sent you a PM
  6. We had a solid first evaluation last night. If you are interested in joining a team with the pitching, coaching and work ethic to take you to the next level, email me at ohiomn01@gmail.com

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