Ohio USSSA - New for 2017 - Class C Program and Class C Grand-Slam Series

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  1. Ohio USSSA is rolling out a true program for class C teams to compete in for 2017. The Ohio USSSA definition of a class C team is listed below:

    C - Class C teams are what Class B teams used to be just 4-5 years ago: Mostly community based travel teams or teams just stepping up from the Rec/All-Star level. Usually Class C teams have 1-2 pitchers max and may be needing depth all around on defense and offense. Withe the proliferation of travel teams the last 5 years, Class C teams usually play a Class A/B schedule just to find events to play in. Class C teams also may only play just a few events per season but are typically better practiced than their Rec/All-Star counterparts.

    Ohio USSSA/Class C Program: Ohio USSSA will offer a class C program starting in 2016. Class C teams are defined as teams that are a step up from Rec/All-Star but not quite the skill level of Class B teams. The first season will offer a limited schedule but in 2017 there will be a semi-weekly schedule (see below) including a state tournament for class C teams only. Class C events are for development of player skills and confidence to eventually move to Class B caliber tournaments to compete in.

    Ohio USSSA/Class C Grand-Slam Series Program: (**NEW FOR 2017**) Ohio USSSA will offer a Class C Grand-Slam program starting in 2017. The Grand-Slam series will offer a semi-weekly schedule starting Mother's Day weekend including a state tournament for class C teams only. These tournaments will be called Legs. The first 2 Leg events are 6 g/g with no playoffs. These are to encourage skill development and confidence of playing in a travel softball environment. The third leg of the series will be based on the traditional travel tournament format of 3 pool games-seeding into Sunday single-elimination. This is to expose teams to traditional travel team tournament structure.

    Links for Class C Grand-Slam Program:
    1) Explanation of the Class C Grand-Slam Program.
    2) Entry form for events in the Grand-Slam Program.

    The 4th Leg will be the Class C State Tournament which will consist of 2 pool seeding into double-elimination bracket play. This is to expose teams to big time postseason tournament play. This event will be the weekend of June 23-25, 2017 in Whitehall, OH. This event will also be a ring event for the champions and runner-ups.

    Ohio USSSA is also offering a class C regional event the weekend of July 15-17, 2017 in Whitehall. Teams do not have to qualify to play this event but do need to be registered as class C to enter online. This event will also be a ring event for the champions and runner-ups. Please note that all teams that play in a Grand-Slam leg event are eligible for a discounted entry to the Regional. Click here for more details: Ohio USSSA/Softball Zone Class C Regional Championships.

    Tournaments offering class C divisions in Ohio are listed here: Ohio USSSA Class C Events.

    Interested teams should contact Mike Craig with the Ohio USSSA State Office at 614.895.2253 or by e-mail mike.craig2@usssa.com.

    Please note that there is not an option when you register to choose class C. That is something that our state office would have to change. Please send me an e-mail with a compelling reason on why your team should be classified C.

    Mike Craig
    Ohio USSSA

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