Ohio Wolfpack 09 Tryouts

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    The Wolfpack 09 team is only looking to fill a few spots for the 2019/2020 team therefore tryouts will be done on a private basis only.

    While our all 09' + (1) 10' team does not have a winning record nor have we won a trophy yet, this team has spent a better part of the summer season playing against and often times competing against most of the top ten 10u teams as well as many other competitive 08/09 teams.

    We fully expect this team to be a top 10u team next season as well as better prepared for any challenges that come our way based on the competitive schedule that we have played this season.

    Wolfpack 09' will be the only 10u Wolfpack team next season.

    For more information regarding our team and or the positions we are looking to fill please contact Shannon Fogle @ 419-610-5935 or ohiowolfpack31@gmail.com
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    Private tryout Monday 7/15 in Akron. If you would like to attend, please contact me @ 419-610-5935 or ohiowolfpack31@gmail.com

    Adding another pitcher to our pitching staff is our priority. All other positions welcome.

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