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Discussion in 'Player needs team or Sub opportunities' started by TheSoftballZone, May 2, 2020.

  1. TheSoftballZone

    TheSoftballZone Administrator

    If your a player and looking for a team(s) to sub for or help complete their roster please post a reply in this thread. Please don't start another thread we want all this information easy to find for the users.
  2. J Hebes

    J Hebes New Member

    Any teams in Northeast Ohio looking for a 14U (2006 birthday) to help fill out roster? Can play 2B, 3B or OF. Her summer season was recently canceled. Thank you.
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  3. bk3503

    bk3503 New Member

    My daughter is looking to sub on any 8u teams, needing a player.... she is a 2012 birthdate, playing on a 10u team, when she is not playing with them she would like to play 8u. She plays, pitcher, 3rd, 1st or outfield.
  4. OhPhat

    OhPhat Active Member

    Sent you an DM
  5. J Hebes

    J Hebes New Member

    Thank you!
  6. hinkshu

    hinkshu New Member

    14u 05 player whose team cancelled summer season. Central Ohio location utility player. Looking to sub or fill a roster spot.
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  7. Marc

    Marc New Member

    14U travel player, 2006 birth year, looking for a team due to season being cancelled. Primary positions are short and second. Can also play third and outfield. Strong player/athlete. From Cleveland’s west side looking for a team in surrounding NE Ohio area.
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  8. PaulP

    PaulP Member

    Just saw a post in a different thread that Valley Extreme is looking for a player
  9. kochdawn

    kochdawn New Member

    Looking for sub opportunities or a spot for my daughter. She is an 06 birthday, currently plays third base and left field. Her current team has cancelled the season. We live in Grove City so would prefer to not go to far out. Thanks!!
  10. Blaze

    Blaze New Member

    Any northeast Ohio 12U (08) team looking for sub or to fill roster spot? My daughter is looking for an opportunity to play as her season was canceled.

    She is a Left handed pitcher that has had private lessons all winter. Has also played 1st and outfield.
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  11. Acherry23

    Acherry23 Member

    Sent Message
  12. Mark Pinto

    Mark Pinto New Member

    My daughter's birthday is Oct 2012 so she plays 8u but can play 9u. Our season is canceled so looking for a team or a team to sub on this summer.
  13. Amanda LaPoint

    Amanda LaPoint New Member

    We are a team from NWO please respond if your interested and I’ll give more details! We are a true 11u 08 team!!!
  14. Cougerfan

    Cougerfan New Member

    My daughter's team just told her that they will not play or practice until July 1st and no guarantee that they will play at all. So she is looking for a long term sub situation and/or new team. She is an 05 LHP currently on a 16u 18u Showcase Team. She consistantly pitches 58/ 59 mph and has hit 61 in the past. She also has a middle of the lineup bat. This kid has been invited to play for softball youth all American games, usssa all American games, ondeck softball jamboree, and played in the softball factory all American games. She was recently named to GreatLlakes all region team. She will play any age 14u to 18u.
  15. Ohiofusion04

    Ohiofusion04 Member

  16. Ohiofusion04

    Ohiofusion04 Member

  17. Kalyson

    Kalyson New Member

    2007 birth year - 2nd year 12U player - looking to sub in the eastern Ohio area.

    Pitcher - 2nd baseman - outfielder

    Experienced player - has a good bat, great in the field, average speed pitcher that can hit spots, throw a good change and is working on her drop. This is her 3rd year of travel. Plays for an A level club in PA.
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  18. softball6dad

    softball6dad Member

    Hi, my name is Rich Buttolph and I coach the 16U Mavericks out of NE Ohio. We practice out of the Leffew Fastpitch facility. They founded our organization and are the best pitching instructors around but having a pitcher I’m sure you’re already familiar with them. We are in need of another Pitcher for the summer and I would love to talk to you about your daughter. Please feel free to reach out to me at (440) 225-3947. Thanks and hope to talk soon!
  19. kmwilson102

    kmwilson102 New Member

    My daughter is seeking a team on 16U or 18U in Northeast Ohio; she also remains eligible for 14U. She's on '05 catcher, but is willing to play any position where she can contribute to the team. She's been playing softball for 8 years and fastpitch for 5. Throws and bats left-handed; can also slap. Was working weekly since the fall with a hitting coach until COVID-19 and has maintained a regular workout schedule throughout this pandemic. As we all know, the high school season never resumed, so she's very ready to take her training on the field!
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  20. Softba77

    Softba77 New Member

    Newly formed 16u team based in the Westerville/Gahanna area . If interested please give me a call.
    Midwest Banshees 05

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