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Discussion in 'Softball Parent Discussions' started by travelinmom, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. travelinmom

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    DD made Dean's list spring semester freshman year and is moving in a week early because she was selected to help with freshman weekend before her sophomore year begins. DD got an unexpected email this morning inviting her to join the Sigma Alpha Pi leadership honor society; she was nominated by a faculty member and approved by the society, all she has to do is accept, pay dues for a life-time membership, and become an inducted member by watching 12 hours of videos about leadership.
    I am confident that Girl Scouts since age 5 created and developed her leadership skills; I am positive that softball since age 8 contributed to her focus and drive.

    What skills has your DD gained through softball and makes her a well-rounded human being?
  2. Long Baller

    Long Baller Active Member

    Not really a skill, but my DD learned this very valuable life lesson from softball at the early age of 10U:

    "Don't make personal decisions based on what your (ex)team mates say they are going to to"

    PLAYBALL New Member

    Players with brains are dangerous, colleges love them, and they make their own way without sports. I have a son and daughter who have paved their own way due to their academic abilities.
  4. FastBat

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    My DD is only 10, but at her young age, she has played softball in front of more fans than many softball player's ever will. I think she has learned many lessons from this, but two important ones are: 1. In situations where there is pressure to perform, be confident in your ability and use positive self talk. 2. Always do your best and work hard, no matter who is watching. Playing with intensity isn't really something that you can turn on and off, you either always play hard, or you don't.
  5. wow

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    Softball teaches so many lessons, so its difficult to pick just one. The most amazing thing I have seem is the timid little girl at 8U develop confidence, dedication to hard work, and leadership. This game has such highs and lows, being able to work through adversity and find success has been amazing to watch and be a part of. Those lessons will serve her well her whole life.
  6. Long Baller

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    Here's another perk of having good grades...A couple of years ago, my DD and one of her teammates wanted to wear the same number. How did the coach decide who got the number? "Girls, bring your latest report card to next practice..." I knew she would get her number when I heard that :)
  7. #4mom

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    Confidence confidence confidence!!!!!! It's needed in life not just softball.
  8. Grammysoftball

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    When a child is not under the wing of a "helicopter" parent and has to communicate with their coach in their own way in order to correct a situation or just find out what the coaches thoughts are for herself, this is a great life tool. This will prepare them to think and act for many years to come.

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