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    Email from Akron Racers - let's support this team!

    Dear Fastpitch Fans:

    The Akron Racers Foundation is launching the "SOAR" Campaign today to get the word out about the Akron Racers. We are asking for your help. The enclosed flier speaks to our Save Our Akron Racers. The Mayor is on board and is hosting a breakfast of community leaders to get the Racers ontheir feet. He does not want to loose the Racers. But we need to do our part by filling the stands. Please open the -mail and read how you can help and then pass it along to your friends that you have in your contact folder.

    We know if we can get the word out and have people see the Racers play once, they will return. Cleveland did nothing to save the Rockers but Akron can save the Racers.

    Thank you for your help and support!

    Joey Arrietta
    Executive Director/GM, Fastpitch Operations
    Akron Racers Foundation
    Phone: 330.376.8188
    Fax: 330.376.8348

    THE FLIER - mention SOAR and get in free.

    The Akron Racers Foundation would like you to come to an Akron Racers Fastpitch Softball game at Firestone Stadium ? FREE!! All you have to do is mention the word SOAR at the box office and you will get a free ticket to the game! Bring all your friends! TELL all your friends!!

    The Stadium is located at 1575 Firestone Parkway in Akron at the
    corner of S. Main and Wilbeth.

    We love our Akron Racers and we know that once you?ve seen them,
    you will too!

    Our games are as follows:

    Thurs. July 14 ? 7:05pm ? Arizona Thurs. August 4 ? 7:05pm - Illinois
    Fri. July 15 ? 7:05pm ? Arizona Fri. August 5 ? 7:05pm - Illinois
    Sat. July 16 ? 1:05pm ? Arizona Sat. August 6 ? 1:05pm - Illinois
    Sun. July 17 ? 1:05pm ? Arizona Sun. August 7 ? 1:05pm - Illinois

    Thurs. July 21 ? 7:05pm ? Canada Thurs. August 11 ? 7:05pm ? New York
    Fri. July 22 ? 7:05pm ? Canada Fri. August 12 ? 7:05pm ? New York
    Sat. July 23 ? 1:05pm ? Canada Sat. August 13 ? 1:05pm ? New York
    Sun. July 24 ? 1:05pm ? Canada Sun. August 14 ? 1:05pm ? New York

    For more information, please call 330-376-8188.
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    We might be able to go in August once summer ball is over. I would suggest posting games and scores on softball forums to help remind us that you are there. We love going to Clippers baseball games and OSU softball games, and I know we would certainly love to see a great game of softball.
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    Heres how you get the word out. If you are reading this post you will probably be going to a tournament this weekend!!!
    Make a copy of this post and pass it out to everyone that you see at the tournament. If we all work together (as a team) we can keep the Racers around and pack those stands.
    If you have not been to a Racers Game you do not know what you are missing. Great opportunity for your daughters to attend and see softball being played at this level.
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    I beleive my team might be goin to a game saturday....and we went a few times last year.....I think weve been to 5 games...
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    I watched the Akron Racers recently and had a great time! ?I didn't even know the league existed before i went to watch them. ?They were amazing, and inspiring! ?I think everyone should support thier team!
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    If you want to get more families out to the games, my suggestion is to relook at your prices you are charging. We have been to several games and find the concession prices are way out of line. Coupled with the Racer Stadium hard fast rules of not being able to bring in anything. I am not at Jacobs field, and I don't intend on paying those prices for minor league play. (I don't go to Aero's games for the same reason). I would like to see more of a family atmosphere in pricing and I would love to spend some hard earned money there. ( You can buy 24/25oz Sport Cap Spring Water at GFS for $6.99 selling for about $2 bucks at Firestone Stadium.)

    Other than that We Love the Racers and hope they do well.
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    Evidently you haven't been to softball world. Burger and Chicken strips 12.00. Now thats being gouged.
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    I believe they are only looking for positive remarks from this post. If you do not want to pay anything than stay home.
    Here is a chance for people to see the Racers play for nothing.
    Who says you have to buy anything.

    They want people to come and keep them alive. They DO NOT need people complaining about prices. This is actually a cheap night out and everyone in attendance really enjoys themselves.
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    I wasn't being negative, just being honest. If you don't like it then to bad.
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    I predict the "Sheriff" will be visiting shortly!

    Let's all do what we can to Save the Racers! 8)
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    If admission is now free, and parking is free, and you eat lunch or dinner before you get there, you're only looking at snacks to purchase. ?And that would be optional wouldn't it? ?If there was no profit involved with food, the team would have died long ago. ?There's nothing wrong with profit - it's called American capitalism and it's alive and well. ?

    No one is forced to go if they feel it's too expensive. ?

    But if you choose to sit home, you're missing an entertainment bargain and an inspiration for young girls. ?My 10-yr-old daughter brought a softball and walked away with a ball covered in autographs. ?Olympians. ?College players. ?Local and far. ?The players talked to her about what positions she played, etc. and she had the biggest grin on her face all night to see women athletes hitting doubles and stealing bases.

    Tickets: $10 (with coupons) for two - AND NOW IT'S FREE
    Parking: $0
    Food: $15
    Total: $25
    Smile on my daughter's face: PRICELESS.
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    I have been to Racers, Aeros, and Indians games. While I will always love MLB baseball, it is now too expensive to take a family to more than 1 game a year. The Aeros are better, but still pricey for minor League baseball. I think the Racers are the most affordable family entertainment around. Let's take a look at it compared to a movie.

    Racers game ($7.00 which is regular price) Movies ($8.00 depending on where you go)

    Concessions (Hot dog, drink, and pop corn for 1 person)
    Racers, about $5
    Movies about $10

    I wait for the DVD and go to the game! let's help the racers market themselves, pass the word around town!
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    I think it would be Cool if we could all get together and fill the stands by hosting a OFC night.. Try to get all the members that can attend and get to meet all the people that use OFC forum. It may sound stange to some, but I would love to meet the people that use OFC.

    God Bless
    Ricky Moorehead
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    I agree, I think that would be very cool....
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    Just a thought,start the Racer after travel the travel season.
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    Anyone with a negative remark about the racers is not a softball fan. I went to watch them play the arizona heat. Great game bustos hit 3 home runs. I saw several travel players there enjoying the game and the best part was not one team left till ALL the autographs were signed. Its a shame more parents dont give there daughters a once in a lifetime thrill of getting a bustos autograph or just seeing her play instead of how much food cost. Fantastic game for the whole family to enjoy and not a bad seat in the stadium. Tyler 12u Valley Extreme Coach
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    We were there for the Chicago Bandits Series, also what was really amazing was long after the Racers had finished signing anything and everything for the fans, Jenni Finch on the other side was still signing autographs for the fans also. Its really sad that the business community doesn't give the support the same way as the aeros get.
    Joey has put literally everything she has into making this work, and My family applaud her for her efforts. Last year Akron was the host for the championship series, again no support from the city to promote it.
    Media coverage has been dismal. National publications don't even acknowledge that there is even a league. Even the local paper barely puts anything in print about them. SOAR!
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    As the Ticket Manager for the Racers, I am excited to see all of your responses! I too played fastpitch for about ten years, and this is my passion! I wish that I could get everybody in Akron to see softball through our eyes.

    Also, I am originally from Nebraska...and representing them, it's so exciting to see that you all love softball just like we do!

    Any questions? Give me a call at 330-376-8188, just ask for Megan!
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    I sent out a email to Racers about hosting a OFC night. Will wait and see..

    God bless

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