Shutting down organization and have a lot of equipment.

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  1. Shutting down organization and have a lot of equipment. Would like to sell as one lot and willing to price accordingly:
    2 new style and two old style Bownets with extra nets; two other netted screens
    2 old style circular Juggs nets
    6 travel tees
    2 metal base tees
    ATEC battery operated pitching machine; great for fielding and basic hitting; portable
    Brand new Rawlings royal blue/silver catching equipment; never worn
    100+ batting practice balls
    2 dz 12" and 1 dz 11" brand new softballs
    Two team bags, one wheeled one not
    numerous wiffles and training balls: TCB and Skilz
    2 full size Zone In/Pitch Zone pitching backstops
    several coaches buckets
    tennis balls
    pitching mat with rubber
    numerous training bats
    Coaches pitching net
    Bownet ball holder
    paddles, small gloves, swing away, many other items too numerous to mention.

    Moving out of state. We can make a deal. Lots of value here.
  2. moodydog

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    How for all
  3. JSortman11

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    Im interested in the 2 doz 12" new softballs and the 2 metal base tees. How much are you asking?

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