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    The Sinclair Community College Baseball/Softball Team will host eight SINGLE DAY indoor softball tournaments during the months of January and February. The indoor tournaments will be held in the 38,000 square foot Sinclair Community College Fieldhouse.

    This event allows teams to play real softball! Nine on Nine! Each age group will use your age appropriate base and mound dimensions. All teams will play three games of six innings and/or one hour and twenty-five minute time limit. No inning will be started after one hour and fifteen minutes. Games will start Saturday at 11:30, 12, or 2:30 depending on class schedules and the last game will start at 8:30pm or 10pm. On Sunday, the first game starts at 8:00am or 9:00am and last game at 6:00pm or 7:30pm.

    The tournament is open to the first four teams with five team max. The cost of this event is $315 per team (Check Only). NO GATE FEES!


    All of our 18U and 16U events will be college showcase events. We will be sending out schedules and rosters of the teams to college softball programs. You can also assist us by letting colleges know about our events. Our policy for teams playing up is that we will not allow a team to play three years up in our events unless we have to fill a spot. For teams wanting to do this, I will put you on a waiting list.

    Payment is due by December 14th. Must be sent in the mail, to the Sinclair Community College Bursar’s office. Your team will be notified via phone or email on confirmation of payment. Schedules will be sent to the Team Manager listed below.

    For more information, please call Steve Dintaman at 937-512-3039 or email:

    Please cut and return to address listed below or email to the address above.

    Team Application Form: Please Circle or Highlight Event That You Wish to Enter

    HS Events 1/11 (4-5 Teams) 1/12 (4-5 Teams) 1/18 (4-5 Teams) 1/19 (4-5 Teams)

    18U Event 1/25 (4-5 Teams)

    14U Event 2/1 (4-5 Teams)

    16U Events 2/8 (4-5 Teams) 2/9 (4-5 Teams)

    Team Name: ________________________________Head Coach: ______________________________

    Team Location: _____________________________Email:_______________________________________

    Address: ________________________________________Home:_________________________________

    City/State/Zip: _____________________________________Cell Phone: ___________________________

    Make checks payable to: SINCLAIR ATHLETICS

    Send checks to: Sinclair Community College

    444 West Third Street – Bursar

    Dayton, Ohio 45402


    Field Dimensions:

    Softball Bases Mound

    18U/16U/14U/12U 60 feet 43 feet for HS, 18U, 16U, 14U, 40 for 12U

    LF Line: 155 feet / 10 foot high net RF Line: 155 feet / 12 foot wall

    CF Fence: 200 feet / 10 foot high net (Over Net or Right Field Wall Line is Homerun)

    Fieldhouse Surface: Tartan surface (rubber material) Gym or turf shoes only, no cleats.

    General Fieldhouse Rules:

    · No gate fee or concession stand. No food in the Fieldhouse. You can bring water/Gatorade in if you would like, water will be provided. Coolers are allowed.

    · Necessary adjustments and accommodations can be made by tournament director at anytime.

    General Rules:

    • Home team will be determined by coin flip.
    • Team uniforms must be worn. Players can slide on the surface.
    • There is no pregame but there will be a small place to take soft-toss in centerfield that must be shared by teams.
    • During a game, only the next games pitchers can warm up throwing during the game by throwing the ball down the rightfield line. Please have a player protect them while they throw. Max # down the line is 6 (3 for each team, pitcher, catcher, protector).
    • All teams must provide their own equipment. (Game balls are yellow & are provided for games)
    • Games will be 6 innings long and will last no longer then one hour and twenty-five minutes.
    • No inning may begin after the one hour and fifteen minute time limit.
    • Teams will have five minutes max to warm-up before the game starts
    • The clock will start as soon as ground rules are done.
    • Run Rule will be in effect: ten after four, eight after five.
    • You can hit everyone on your team.
    • You can run for both the pitcher and catcher but the same player may not run for both in the same inning.
    • No pitching restrictions, but please consider your pitchers arms. We will be using the ASA mound rule.
    • We will keep track of the score and coaches can keep a book if they choose. Please exchange line-ups at ground rules.
    • If time permits it, there will be up to one extra inning. The inning will start with the last out during the previous inning at 2nd base.
    • You cannot change your batting order but players can rotate to different positions every inning.
    • Pitchers will have 4 warm-up pitches every inning & the infield can throw the ball around once every three innings prior to the start of the inning. Hustle on and off the field, it’s your time.
    • If a player gets injured, you can skip the players place in the line-up without resulting in an out.
    • Play everything off wall unless the ball hits an object. In that case the ball is dead.
    • You can slide, however if you slide past bag and are tagged, you are out.

    Fieldhouse Rafter Rules:

    • A batted ball hit into the rafters in fair territory before the marked beam (Or hitting beam) will be a foul ball. Two foul balls hit into fair territory and before the beam will result in an out.
    • A batted ball hit into the rafters in foul territory anywhere will be ruled a foul ball. There is no limit on to those.
    • A batted ball hit in fair territory, that goes past the first marked beam (Or hits 2nd beam) in the infield will be an automatic single.
    • A batted ball hit in fair territory, that goes past the second marked beam will be an automatic double.

    Rules Parents Should Know

    • On Saturday the building will be open & the facility will be open to players twenty minutes before game time. Parents will be able to come 10 mins before. This gives us time to set-up.
    • On Sunday the building will open up at 8:15. We will let players & parents in at 8:20.
    • Lastly please make sure that if you are bringing other children that they stay by you. The Sinclair police have asked me to tell you this because too many times there are kids wandering all over the building and sometimes not doing what they should be. Please remember that this is a college campus and let’s try to respect that.

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