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    It’s that time of year, so just curious? We give girls and parents crap for switching or “jumping” teams. So what about the coaches that switch organizations every year? Shouldn’t we be weary of them? Why are they switching? We’re they made to leave or just chasing a name?
  2. DanMaz

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    think of the positive, better now than mid season . .. DOH! ;)
  3. HITTER23

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    Are we talking in the season or at the end? After the season everyone is technically a free agent, even coaches.

    I always looked at it the same way as a job offer. If a better opportunity came, weigh the options and decide whether to go. Coaches dont get much for doing this, so at least you should be in a position you want to be in.
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  4. I understand the desire to ‘upgrade’ to an org where you’d have better resources, higher profile to attract more players, etc.
    What I don’t understand is the jumping from same ‘tier’ orgs. Why the switching from Lasers to Hawks or Hawks to Outlaws or Outlaws to Lasers? All of those programs are big names that go to the same Showcases and draw high level talent. Then you throw in ‘Texas Glory’ and ‘So Cal Athletics’ and it gets even crazier. I really do wonder about this and would love an answer!
  5. Danno

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    Perhaps they need a change.
    Maybe they felt they weren’t getting the time at a particular position.
    Problems with other parents, girls or coach.
    Grass is always greener, right?
  6. HITTER23

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    There could be any number of reasons for a parallel move, personality conflicts, org. policy disagreement, or maybe there isnt anywhere to go in the org.
    Some orgs have coaches stay at a level and coach the ones coming up, maybe that coach doesnt to stay at the same age and wants to stay with his "crew" to see them thru. Maybe you have a org. leader who plays fantasy league with teams, constantly meddling and switching around the players on the teams, who knows, or yes, the grass looks greener over there....
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    You might. I don't.
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    They may be "same tier" but all these organizations are run differently starting at the top. I know some specific examples of the coaches simply not on the same page with the organization/director.
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    be most specific... did the head coach take his daughter the #1 pitcher to another org. and bail on the rest of the team? or something similar? its not very common in my opinion to start with a group of lets say 10 or 11 players and keep all 10-11 on the same team from 10u - thru 16u - 18u. by then there is only a few left. JMHO
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    Just in general. End of the year switch. Not moving the whole team. Just seen a coach who has moved 4 times in the past 3 years. But will knock a kid for switching teams at the end of the year. More of advice I suppose. Check the coaches history. Find out why they would move from say a damn good org to a mediocre, to big, back to ehhhh.

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