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Who should be TheSoftballZone Coach of the Year

Poll closed Apr 2, 2020.
  1. Coach Ashley Kennedy

    57 vote(s)
  2. Coach Trent Pollard

    54 vote(s)
  3. Coach Cherish Bell

    38 vote(s)
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    Coach of the Year for 2019 Poll open today on the 3rd of January at 3:00 pm. Poll will close in 90 days.

    2019 Weekly winners pictures and bio's are listed below.

    The winning Coach of the year will receive a $500 cash from TheSoftballZone.
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    Week #27 Coach of the Week.

    Coach Ashley Kennedy with here husband

    Ashley Kennedy week #27 Coach of the week. Ashley is a coach with the Willoughby Starzz. Not only is she an amazing coach but she has helped my daughter who had been bullied believe in herself and know that it is okay to be different. She is not just a coach but she is a role model for my daughter.

    Before my daughter was on the Starzz she was bullied due to that my daughter told me she wanted to die. She was put in counseling but it was ultimately Ashley believing in her that got her through. I don’t know if you are a parent but you can believe in your kid and try to stop the hurt all you want but sometimes it doesn’t help. Ashley supported my daughter, gave her hugs and worked with her to be confident. that confidence helped my daughter come out of her depression. Today softball is her passion and her silly side is welcomed and loved as a parent I will forever be grateful to Ashley.

    Sometimes being a Coach is not about the wins and losses, it’s about caring a seeing someone in crisis and doing something to make a difference.
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    Week #42 Coach of the Week.


    Ohio Storm 08 Coach Trent Pollard

    The Ohio Storm 08 is based out of Fredericktown Ohio and is coached by Trent Pollard, who is going into his 4 year as head coach of this team. The team consists of 10 players, with an average of 3 1/2 years longevity on the team, is a true 11U team and is a member of the Ohio Storm Organization. The team just moved up to the 12U Class after a stellar 2018/2019 season at the 10U level with 6 Championships, 2 runner-up finishes, and a 5th place finish out of 23 teams in Johnson City Tennessee at the 10U East Nationals in July.
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    Week #43 Coach of the Week.


    I would like to nominate Coach Cherish Bell of Ohio Storm 07. Coach Bell has coached my daughter heading into the 4th year now. Coaching for Cherish does not end at 7pm after a long evening of practice, or at 6pm after a long hot day at a tournament. Her caring nature continues long after the games are done being played. She cares about the girls grades, if they are doing well in all their classes. She cares if they are making new friends, and involved in other activities. She is very involved in all the players life’s on and off the field. Cherish is not the coach who is out there always looking for the next big thing, the next star player. Often times, she see’s a diamond in the rough, and polishes it until it shines. She see’s potential in every girl, and helps push them until they see it in themselves. The life lessons Cherish has taught my daughter , I will forever be grateful. To my daughter, the opinion her coach has of her, means just as much as my opinion of her. Often in conversations with my daughter, the question comes up ” what would your coach think of that”? Coach Bell deals with the moody, pre teen attitudes, and pushes right through it. She pushes them when they need to be pushed, but is also gentle with them when they need affection. Often times, I feel coaches are under appreciated. They spend as much time, if not more with our kids sometimes than we do. I know I personally am grateful for Coaches like Cherish. She sacrifices time with her own family to coach these girls. The impact she has made on these young ladies will forever be remembered. From myself, and our softball family, she will always be our #1 Coach.
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