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Who should be TheSoftballZone Team of the Year

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  1. Ohio Stingrays

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  2. PA Stingrays 07

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  3. Ohio Storm 08

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  4. Ohio Energy 13u

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  5. Alabama Angels 2024

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  6. Ohio Stingray's 03-Pope

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    Team of the Year for 2019 Poll open today on the 3rd of January at 3:00 pm. Poll will close in 90 days.

    2019 Weekly winners pictures and bio's are listed below.

    The winning team of the year will receive a $1,000 Sponsorship for one year from TheSoftballZone.
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    Week #27 Team of the Week.


    Ohio Stingrays is a very young and well rounded team. We have 3-4 ‘04 players who succeed very much on our team, we placed 5th out of 18, 18u teams in one weekend, we have had many injuries from torn ACL’s to twisted ankles. Our team and coaches have worked so hard this year throughout our season even through the wins and losses. Thank you so much for your time.
    Coaches- Matt Pope, Jami Pope, Jay Richardson, and Elvis Torres.
    Record- 20-12-2

    Thanks Jaelyn Peterson for nominating your team and congratulations on winning are first ever team of the week.
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    Week #34 Team of the Week.


    The PA Stingrays 07, head coach Dean Howard, decisively marched through a very tough field to a championship win in the PGF Futures Invitational in Maumee, OH last weekend going 7-0, our scoring opponents 51-8 in the 12U Premiere Bracket.

    The team dominated through top talent teams from across the region and mid Atlantic, showcasing the Stingrays’ unmatched pitching battery, led by RHP Riley Miller and C June McCune, as well as their exceptional offensive and defensive capabilities team wide.

    On Sunday, Riley dominated the bracket on the backs of an exceptional defensive effort around the infield in three straight games. The team allowed just 4 runs in 3 games. Catcher, June McCune allowed just 1 stolen base in 6 games caught.

    At the plate, the team batted well over .400 for the weekend with several giant drives on 250ft or larger fields.

    In the short season so far, the PA Stingrays 07 are 17-2, with 5 of those wins coming against 14U squads and they have one of the toughest schedules you’ll find planned by anyone in the age group.

    This team will be prove to be very fun to watch!
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    Week #42 Team of the Week.


    Team of the Week – Ohio Storm ’08

    Ohio Storm 08 Team Photo- Front Row L/R- Maddy Peterson, Keely Pollard, Jocelyn Scarbury, Abbey Wittman,Back Row- Whitney Bell, Hailey Rudrick, Makena Wilson.Myah Lester, Jazzy Wittman, Bella Evans

    The Ohio Storm 08 is based out of Fredericktown Ohio and is coached by Trent Pollard, who is going into his 4 year as head coach of this team. The team consists of 10 players, with an average of 3 1/2 years longevity on the team, is a true 11U team and is a member of the Ohio Storm Organization. The team just moved up to the 12U Class after a stellar 2018/2019 season at the 10U level with 6 Championships, 2 runner-up finishes, and a 5th place finish out of 23 teams in Johnson City Tennessee at the 10U East Nationals in July. With moving into the 12U this year, as a true 11U, Coach Pollard knew it would be a challenge for this team, going from an 11″ ball to a 12″ ball, moving the pitchers from 35 feet to 40 feet. Coach Pollard is a hands on coach, built up the team’s confidence and motivated the team to work hard in practice. The team played in it’s very first 12U tournament this past weekend, September 28-29, 2019 at the Black Widows Fall Classic 12U Eastern National Qualifier in Ashland Ohio. With a mixture of ’07 and ’08 teams in the tournament, Coach Pollard was skeptical of how the team would respond to playing the 2nd year 12U teams. In the 1st pool play game of the tournament, the team played a little nervous and suffered a 9-2 loss, to a very good and experienced Central Ohio Ice ’07 team coached by Ed Zak. Coach Pollard, rallied the team together after the loss and challenged them by asking them to do 3 things. Play hard on every play, give 100% effort, and to have fun playing the game they love. The team responded, with pool play wins over the Wizards Elite 08 12-0 and Ohio Wolfpack 08 21-2. The team started bracket play on Sunday with a win over the Wizards Elite 13-1. The challenge would then come in the 2nd bracket game of the day. With a win, the team would moved into the Championship game. The team responded by beating a very good, experienced and bigger JABC Riot 07 team 8-4. The next challenge would be the championship game against the Central Ohio Ice 07. The team in the top of the 1st inning, scored 5 runs to take a 5-0 lead, a huge confidence boost. The team played stellar defense, gave 120%, had fun. and never looked back. Jocelyn Scarbury pitched a 7 inning complete game not allowing a run until the bottom of the 6th inning. The team went on to win the Championship by defeating the more experienced Ice team 7-5 in 7 innings For the tournament, the team went 5-1, outscored opponents 54 to 21, out hit opponents 56 to 30. In 140 at-bats the team hit 42 singles, 7 doubles, 3 triples, 2 home runs, struck out only 6 times and had a .410 team batting average. The 3 pitchers for the Storm, all turning 11 y/o within the past 8 weeks, combined for a 5-1 record, pitched 33 innings, struck out 28 batters, had a combined team ERA 0.48, and a team WHIP of 1.54.
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    Week #43 Team of the Week

    [​IMG]Ohio Energy 13u
    1. Back Row Starting from the Left
      Mackenzie Gazdak, Izzy Bugara, Jailyn Alderman, Jordyn Alderman, Morgan Gross, Alyssa Palmisano

      Front Row Starting from the Left
      Riley Headley, Samantha Cantrell, Julia Maynard, Bella Hostutler, Mackayla Gazdak

      Ohio Energy 13u out of Perry, Ohio as a nominee for team of the week. Our team consists of a new group of girls form all over the northeast Ohio area who are softball minded and keyed in on being successful during their upcoming tournament season. All girls are ‘06 with one girl being an ‘07. They work extremely hard to be the best they can be. Their fallball league just wrapped up. Their overall record was 12-0-1 placing them 1st out of 10 teams. They finished the season by winning the championship on Sunday October 6th in Willoughby, Ohio. These girls look forward to many more years of playing and winning together. Thank you for your consideration. Coaches: Bob Alderman, Jen Maynard, Randy Bugara, Amy Headley and Melanie Gazdak.
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    Week #44 Team of the Week.


    Alabama Angels 2024

    Overcome by the heat

    We had a parent of one of our girls get overcome by the heat in Chattanooga and one of their parents, Bobby Ramsey,an EMT/Firefighter from Huntsville, Al, stood by her side until she came too and local medics arrived. He kept watch over her pulse to make sure she was not having any major issues. He knew the right questions to ask of the family and others. We also had a game following them a couple days later. We had a friend of one of our girls with us on the trip and she was helping warm up a pitcher and took one to the nose. Mr. Ramsey was on the spot to offer his assistance again. We had a joke running that he was our team guardian Angel. The girls played with class, not losing a single game. They kept their demeanor to them throughout the tournament and didn’t let other teams disrupt their game plan. I do not recall hearing a lot of chanting coming from their dugout either. In speaking with other parents at our hotel, this team is always a team to watch and they handle them selves well.

    Dustin Lamb, These are some class act kids, parents and coaches.
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    Ohio Stingray's 03-Pope


    This is a photo of the team befriending team Canada at a Berliner tournament. The team has 8 different players who have hit home runs this season. They finished 3rd at GAPSS this weekend out scoring opponents 42-2 before being rained out. 21-12-2 for the season.

    Alexa Richardson #3, Emma Bailey #7
    , Emma Calkins #99, Erin Morrison #21, Hannah Strouse #4, Jade Torres #24, Jaelyn Peterson#10, Kayla Dykin #19, Maddie Kramer #2, Makaylia Schlosser #53, Rhyli Pope #6, Sarah Lacher #27

    The progress of the Stingray’s softball team exemplifies what building character is all about in the athletic arena. I have watched these young girls with diverse athletic skill levels gain confidence in themselves, and adjust socially to kids with diverse personalities and learning styles. Socially they have learned to interact, respond to suggestions, and above everything else learned to respect each other. I am confident that life long friendships have developed. The atmosphere of unity they have created has built their self-confidence and at the same time created a spirit of selflessness. The building blocks of teamwork have become a part of who they are both on and off the field. You can look at the statistics and immediately know they are talented and motivated but the incredible spirit of (desiring to improve ) is beyond measure. I have been amazed at their individual progress . I am confident the insights they have gained will influence their destiny. They will never forget the hot days of practices and moving out of their comfort zone to become more proficient at their skills. But more importantly they learned to win with grace and to lose with dignity. The one word that exemplifies this team is heart which is the motivating force that will makethese young ladies the leaders of tomorrow. They have the unique ability to bond togetherfor the benefit of the team and celebrate thesuccess of each other which is a skill you cannever learn from a psychology text book.
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