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Discussion in 'ummm what's that?' started by TheSoftballZone, Mar 22, 2022.

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    It time we stop sitting on are ass and start fighting for the girls. This new section has been setup to give everyone a platform to share the positive story’s and news in girls sport’s. But we also want to share all the negative story’s and news in this section and how it can and will effect the future of girls sports. Combining the Good and Bad and working together to make a better future for the girls. Yes this section will t-off some people, but we’re not a lot of ostriches sticking are head in the sand. It’s time we share story’s positive and negative and learn from the experience.

    Rules for this section

    1.) No political post, unless you can relate the information on how it effects girls sports.

    2.) No Attacking individual or organization, with false or unsupported information. Information supported with links, news story’s or from
    Multiple individuals will be allowed.

    3.) Old News story’s can be posted as they very well can relate to the current ongoing situation in girls sports.

    4.) We will always do as much follow up on news stories as needed so you have all the news and information that available. Meaning reporting information on topics that you fine if encouraged.
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  2. HITTER23

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    Biggest issue facing overall girls/womens sports at this time is the including of biological males participating. Look at the debacle that has been womens swimming.
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  3. DanMaz

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    uhhhmmm whats a woman??? and guess what IT IS POLITICAL so there is no way NOT to post something directly political affecting this stupid situation.

    (root of the problem is right here... when a woman doesnt know what a woman is.... thats our government for ya! )

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  4. Danno

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    Joes racism shines. Only black, only women. A very small candidate field. Quota pick.
    Besides it’s a wonder that she is the top candidate even in the small pool. Whacowoman
  5. Spencer

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    Must have got too hot in the kitchen? Jeffrey hill the aficionado of aficionados of softball didn’t like what was being said about him so he locked the convo so no other replies could be made????
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    Locked what conversation? Not me. No need.

    I am a Big Boy. I can handle internet bullies that hide behind a screen name. Dont worry though.. I know who you are. No big deal to me. I will say Hi when I see you.

    Be sure to bring the same energy you have on here while hiding behind your screen name when I see you.

    I should just blast your name and email out on here but I'm not going to do that.
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    We won’t see each other. We play a higher level of competition.
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  8. daboss

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    I recently read a post on social media that is a reflection of this and had to bring the thought here to share. The post said " In this world we have male and female animals. When we cut the testicles off a male dog, that does not make it a female.."
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    Damn, how'd i miss the rest of this thread??

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