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Discussion in 'Non Softball' started by DanMaz, Dec 23, 2020.

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    I asked this question to quite a few. If masks worked like they should have, why hasn't the virus cases dropped. They responded.....people like me. I asked them to elaborate. They said that asymptomatic people are the ones who are spreading it by not wearing masks. I stated, every store mandates a mask before entry and I try to break that rule. A couple weeks later I saw them at a bar and asked them...why are you here? Shouldn't you be home? How do i know that you're not asymptomatic and got the blank look.

    I'm not saying I'm completely against it, but lets look at science and common sense. A virus is a living microscopic organism. All cloth masks have holes that are larger than microscopic even if triple layered. Even if the virus can't penetrate through the mask portion, what about the bridge of your nose and those gaps. How about when talking and your chin opens small holes. This thing will eventually go away.
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  2. If you get hit in the head while wearing a helmet, does it guarantee you will not suffer a brain injury? Nope. Does it reduce the chance? Yes. If you workout every day and eat healthy, does it guarantee you will not die of heart disease? Nope. Does it reduce the chance? Yes. If you wear a mask, does it guarantee you will not contract or spread the coronavirus? Nope. Does it reduce the chance? Yes .... common sense.
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    wearing a mask does NOTHING but make you smell your own bad breath, now that's common sense... they also make you look like a dork, and they dont work for anything at all especially stopping you from getting covid. common sense. its been a friggin year................. how has masks helped anything? does Florida come to mind? no masks, lowest level of covid... common sense? California has the most intensive mask mandate and they have the most cases in the country... common sense?? okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
  4. Your facts are incorrect. On no barometer does Florida have the "lowest level of covid" as you assert. And you left out the fact that despite no statewide Florida order, that state's largest cities & metro area areas, such as Tampa and Miami, in fact DO HAVE mask mandates. And on no barometer does California have the "most intensive mask mandate", as you also falsely state, when compared to many other states' orders and the duration of those orders.
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    As entertaining as this is to read, I feel like I have to jump in now. Citing the NY Times as an accurate source for information, haha. o_O:confused:
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    i dont think any "news" source is reliable for anything anymore.... like none zero nada ziltch
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    I don't think anyone should, considering that the CEO of CBS openly admitted that he feels it's the responsibility of his "News teams" to influence the narrative in order to manipulate/help form public opinion and several other CEOs of other major networks in the same room agreed.
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    When you have big tech and nearly all media companies coming up with their own narrative's to spin as facts it is a dangerous precedent to set. This will most likely only continue to grow as those that will now be in power cannot afford to have a discussion on facts as their house of cards will ultimately crumble. Unfortunately there will be no one to truthfully report on it when that time comes.
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    I guess I knew it was poison many many years ago when I refused to go on twitter and never got a (2)facedbook account...... and now I never even watch TV "news" channels even 3, 5, 8 local channels are full of lies and agenda driven information that brainwashes anyone that does watch it. it is a sad sad day in America and feels more like China every passing day. Costa Rica is sounding like a great place to retire. just saying.
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    ALISA WEAVER New Member

    Do you have a specialized education? Are you a specialist in infectious disease that you take responsibility for stating such things? If I do not have the necessary education, then I look for data in various competent sources (I'm not talking about television news now).
  11. DanMaz

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    Yes i have a brain and I use what's called, common sense. It is not rocket science. my statements that you are challenging are facts that need no educational background to understand. California as I stated is the most mask mandated state in the USA and has the most cases.... compared to Florida which has the least amount of mask mandates and has one of the lowest covid rates if not the lowest in the USA.... do you actually need a specialized education to understand this?
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    Actually if you take a look at total cases and population for both states, they are statistically even at 7.5%.. To compare Ohio is at 6.9%. The way I see it is, wearing a mask is like a truck with mud flaps.. In the rain, I would prefer to be behind a truck with mud flaps as it reduces the spray. If I am behind someone in line at the grocery store and they sneeze, I would prefer them to have a mask on... But both sides of this argument probably have points. Can a mask reduce the projection of germs, yes. Try blowing out a candle with a mask on, it is harder. But are people wearing them properly, probably not. Have you looked at a kids mask after a day of school?? Bottom line is we need to figure this out and focus on getting the ones at risk the vaccine. Spring is near and we all want a normal summer of softball!
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    I will go out on a limb and say we will have a normal school ball season...maybe playing some non conference games, maybe not. There will be a season. I don’t think they will cancel a 2nd season after allowing football , basketball, wrestling etc...to be played. Summer ball might look a little like last summer. Less out of state traveling, hotels not having breakfast.
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    oh god. dont get me started on Vaccines.... lol

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