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Discussion in 'Fastpitch Softball Items for Sale' started by Jose_canusee, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Member

    We have several 11 & 12 inch used softballs for sale 1.00 each. These are used balls from our tournaments that we hold
  2. Long Baller

    Long Baller Member

    I could use some 12" balls. Where are they located, or can you ship them?
  3. DVazquez14

    DVazquez14 New Member

    I would like some 12inch as well, please pm me
  4. mroby5172

    mroby5172 Member

    interested in 11 inch, how many and where are you located?
  5. longball00

    longball00 Member

    Could take what you have. Location and or shipping available?
  6. reagansdaddy

    reagansdaddy Member

    Would love to purchase some 12" balls. Would be happy to pick up in the Central/SE Ohio area. Just let me know.
  7. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Member

    Right now the 12 inch balls have been sold. We will have more at the end of June and I will contact those on this list depending how many we have.
    The 11 inch has been sold as well but we will have more of those as well in June , we are located in Lancaster Ohio
  8. frenchy101010

    frenchy101010 Member

    When you have more I'll take 2 dozen 12".
  9. OhPhat

    OhPhat Member

    Let me know when you have more 12" please.
  10. brianw_4604

    brianw_4604 New Member

    let me know when more 12" come available.
  11. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Member

    Okay will do
  12. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Member

    All softballs have been sold!
    Will have more in April-May-June 2018
  13. jaedsar12

    jaedsar12 New Member

    Hello ,

    I am interest in the 12 in balls .How many do you have ?When would be the best time to pick them up ?
  14. Do you have any 12" ball left
  15. Thanks Mike. Email sent
  16. OhPhat

    OhPhat Member

    If you have any quality 12” left I would be interested in some. Thanks
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  17. Kevin, I have about 2-3 dozen left. Shoot me an e-mail at and we can set up a pick up.
  18. OhPhat

    OhPhat Member

    Just sent you an email. Thx

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