USSSA FAQ's about Rules Differences between USSSA and other sanctioning bodies

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  1. FAQ about USSSA Rules:

    Note that these rules are concrete when playing in Postseason events (NIT/State/World Series/National Championships). TD's may alter a couple of the rules to permit more participation or speed up the game. Roster batting and last-out-can-courtesy run are the rules typically allowed to be changed.

    Additional Player - USSSA permits the use of up to 2 additional players (AP) in the line up. The players are noted on the card as AP and announced to the home plate umpire at the plate meeting.

    Courtesy Runner - The coach may use any player who has not been in the lineup as a courtesy runner. This is one time per inning for either the pitcher or catcher but not for both in the same inning.

    DP/Flex - The optional DP/Flex must be listed on the lineup card that is approved by the home plate umpire. The DP/Flex must be declared before the game. The primary role of the designated player is to play offense. The primary role of the flex is to play defense. A team may elect to include a DP/Flex and/or up to additional players (AP). The maximum numbers of players in the lineup is 12, the maximum number of batters is 11.

    Here is a link to differences between USSSA/ASA/NFHS/NCAA. Note that this link does not include NSA and is not concrete meaning some rules may have changed since this was created: Rule Differences
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