Central/East OH USSSA USSSA - May 25-27, 2018 - 2nd Annual Ohio USSSA Wins-for-Warriors - GS Leg 2 - JBP - Whitehall

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    2nd Annual Ohio USSSA - "Wins-for-Warriors" - May 26-27, 2018:

    *A portion of the Wins-for-Warriors tournament proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrior Project. Ohio USSSA will match the proceeds donated from each event*

    USSSA - 2018 National Championship Qualifier (NCQ)
    John Bishop Park - Whitehall 43213.
    Preferred format 3 games seeding into S/E bracket play.
    Age Groups offered: 10u B & C, 12u B & C, & 14u B & C divisions.

    This is the 2nd leg of the Central Ohio Grand-Slam Tournament Series for B & C teams in 10u & 12u and the 1st leg for 14u teams.

    USSSA - 2018 qualifying event open to 9/10u, 11/12u teams. National Berths for the top 2 teams and also highest placing "odd year" team if not qualified (9u or 11u). National Championships locations are listed here: 2018 USSSA National Championships link.

    USSSA does offer "odd year" age classes. Teams that classify as odd year (9/11/13/15) must have all girls with the same birth year or younger. This year the USSSA Great Lakes Division "Odd Year" National Championships are in Dayton, OH the week of July 18-22, 2018. Info here: Great Lakes "Odd Year" National Championships.

    Entry fee is $420. Teams can take a $50 per event discount if playing 1 of the other 4 Grand-Slam leg events. Click here for more details: Central Ohio Grand-Slam Series.
    All teams must be registered with USSSA. If team is not USSSA registered: Please click here to register your team for 2018: USSSA Team Registration Info.
    No team will be accepted unless your team has registered online.

    Teams can enter online with their USSSA registration number by clicking here: 2nd Annual Wins-for-Warriors.
    Teams can also enter by downloading this form and filling in and mailing to the state office: Ohio USSSA - Tournament Registration Form.
    Click here for a listing of Ohio USSSA 2018 events: 2018 Ohio USSSA - Schedule of Events.

    For more information please contact USSSA State director Mike Craig at 614-895-2253 or mike.craig@ohusssafp.org

    1. LC Lightning 10u Blue
    2. Lewis Center Lady Sharks 10u
    3. MOV Pride 08
    4. LC Thunder 07
    5. Ohio Passion 10u
    6. Central Ohio Pride 08
    7. Scarlet & Gray
    8. Manchester Pride 10u

    1. Stingrays 06
    2. Legacy FP 05
    3. LC Lightning 12u Blue
    4. NWO Lady Buckeyes
    5. Lewis Center Lady Sharks 12u-Jones

    1. Vikings Elite 05
    2. LC Thunder 05
    3. Ohio Passion 12u
    4. Lewis Center Lady Sharks
    5. Ball Bratz Fastpitch
    6. Mid-Ohio Lady Bullets
    7. Diamond Dolls
    8. Phoenix Black
    9. Lady Barracudas 12u

    1. Mid Ohio Lady Bullets
    2. Ohio Lady Beez
    3. New Albany Eagles
    4. Valley Extreme 14u - Dutton
    5. LC Thunder 03-Smith
    6. West Liberty Force 14u
    7. Ohio Stampede 14u - Murphy
    8. LC Lightning 14u Blue
    9. Ohio Ice Silver
    10. Ohio Storm 04

    1. Lady Barracudas 14u
    2. Rapture H2
    3. LC Thunder 04
    4. Ohio Passion 14u
    5. GC Vipers 04 (13u)
    6. Lewis Center Lady Sharks
    7. Ohio Fusion 14u
    8. Ohio Tigers
    9. Manchester Pride 14u
    10. Central Ohio Pride 04 - Elliott
    11. Dublin Select 14u Rocks
    12. Pittsburgh Lady Bulldogs 14u Red
    13. Muskie Chix 14u

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  2. Updated team entries to date.
  3. Added Ohio Tigers & New Albany Eagles to the 14u-B & NWO Lady Buckeyes to the 12u division. Welcome to the event!
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2018
  4. Added Rapture H2 to the 14u. Welcome!
  5. Added LC Thunder 07 to the 10u-C, LC Thunder 05 to the 12u-C, LC Thunder 04 & 03-Smith to the 14u-C. Welcome!
  6. Added Ohio Passion to the 10u-C, 12u-C, & 14u-C divisions. Welcome!
  7. Added Ohio Lady Beez to the 14u. Welcome!
  8. Added New Albany Eagles 12u-C to the event. Welcome!
  9. Added Central Ohio Pride 08 to the 10u-C division & West Liberty Force 14u-B. Welcome!
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  10. Added Diamond Dolls to the 12u-C division. Welcome!
  11. Added Lewis Center Lady Sharks to the 10u-B. Welcome!
  12. Added Scarlet & Gray to the 10u-C division. Welcome!
  13. Added Manchester Pride to the 10u-C & 14u-C divisions. Welcome!
  14. Added Central Ohio Pride 04-Elliott to the 14u-C. Welcome!
  15. Added Ohio Stampede 14u-Murphy to the 14u-B. Welcome!
  16. Added LC Lightning 14u Blue to the event in the 14u-B division. Welcome!
  17. Added Ontario Blaze to the 12u-C. Welcome!
  18. Added Lady Barracudas 12u-C to the event. Welcome!
  19. Added Ball Bratz FP to the 12u-C. Welcome!
  20. Added Pittsburgh Lady Bulldogs Red to the 14u-C & Triple Crown Royals to 14u-B. Welcome!

    We can take one more team in 12u B division. Contact our office for more details.
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