Very special tryout opportunity this year. USA Patriots WWAST 18U fielding a team for 2019-2020

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    This is a little different tryout opportunity. Please read the entire posting and check out the links to get a complete picture. Feel free to reach out to any families that have participated in our weekend events in the past 5 years for an idea and recommendation.

    The USA Patriots WWAST "Lady Warriors" are looking to field an 18u team in approx 2 fall tournaments and 4-5 Summer tournaments.

    Practices will be light and infrequent, as players this age have a lot going on, and we are confident we will be ready to go come tournament time. We will hold practices/tryouts in the Garrettsville Ohio area, possible some times at the G-Plex sport complex.

    PM or text coach Tom VanKirk at 440-487-0486 for more information and for a private tryout. We are especially in need of high level pitching/catching (like everyone). Open to strong 16u-18u players up to 2001 birth dates and players currently in college are eligible for the summer.

    If your player is already committed to a team, she can still come play with us as a volunteer sub for one or more events, as what we do is for charity and have had players from all organizations play with us in the past. We are not looking to poach, if you want to play with us here is an open invite. We will lock down a core and expect a few "floaters" to join us event to event. You can also use this toward your players school volunteer hours in most cases, that's what our daughter has done, as we play in tribute to wounded veterans and support their USA Patriots organization(see links below).

    If your player is looking for a relaxed summer schedule as she transitions into college or after her first year of school ball, this is a great opportunity. We take great strides in creating a relaxed, pure love of the game, atmosphere. Our teams play to win, have coaches with many years of high level experience from 8u-18u, are experienced in all aspects of the game and recruiting if your player is still looking to be recruited.

    We will tailor our schedule based on the recommendations of the players and families. We are open to showcases, charity tournaments, and if it works out we would love to play in a ASA/Usa softball national to end our run in 2020.

    Take some time and research us, we have a solid reputation of playing hard and winning often, as we raise money/awareness for charity, to give back a little to the game that has meant so much to us over the years.

    We especially take "huge pride" in re-instilling the love for the game that so many players have lost over the years to the negative aspects of travel ball that can creep up. We play pure softball, unselfish, full speed, no negativity. We hold our selves accountable for every play, but pick each other up along the way and battle to the end of every game we play. A testament is that we have lost almost none of our games when close or tied, we find a way to win consistently. We have only lost one ITB game to a very good Outlaws Premier team a few years ago and have beaten a couple of the very best 2001 teams in championship games at Firestone and other events. A few weekends ago we won 3 straight games by 1 run, including in ITB, to advance to the championship game, with a team we picked up that Friday to go play.

    This is the first season that we are fielding a dedicated team for a complete year. We usually play a few events at various age groups and do not tryout or practice, just show up and play with however volunteers that weekend. This model has given us an 80+% winning percentage in dozens of tournaments, numerous tournament championships and top 4 finishes at all age levels. While we do not play just for wins/losses, we do take our softball seriously and are not an easy team to knock out.

    Our team fee structure will be as follows:
    1) "2" USA Patriots WWAST jerseys for 120.00, a portion of this fee will also be a donation to the team charity 501c that we play for. See picture below for one of the jersey styles. Families can buy their own set of black and white pants, sox/helmets are open for the player to where any color or style statement and have fun with that.
    2) ASA insurance fee, approx 30.00 per player for the season to be ASA rostered.
    3) Once we have a tournament schedule we will simply divide this cost up per family and if players sign up for a portion of the schedule, we will work with them on the costs. My best guess would be no more than 350-400 for the full schedule and 40-50 for single tournament events.
    4)Any surplus monies will be donated to our charity.

    Mission Statement:

    "We are the Lady Warriors fastpitch softball team. We support the USA Patriots, formerly known as the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team (WWAST), helping to raise money and awareness for the hero's that lost life and limb to protect everyone of us. These Marine and Army soldiers chose to give even more by inspiring us as the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team. This site, the Lady Warrior team and all the families associated, was organized to give a little bit back to them and help them where we can. "Go Warriors!"

    “The USA Patriots, formerly known as the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team (WWAST), is a non-profit 501(c)(3) whose mission is to bring athletic and veteran amputees together to promote the benefits of inclusive sport and therapeutic recreational activities.
    America’s Amputee Softball Team travels the country playing able-bodied teams in competitive and exhibition softball games, bringing our unique brand of softball, courage, and inspiration to communities nationwide. The team is comprised of competitive, athletic veterans who have lost limbs in combat and non-combat related injuries. While some are still in the service, others are attending college thanks to the Post-9/11 GI Bill and others have moved on to new careers. These individuals continue to push the limits of modern prosthetic's to inspire, motivate and offer a place for camaraderie and healing on and off the field of play and to continue Serving Beyond the Uniform.”

    Manager Tom VanKirk
    USA Patriots WWAST Lady Warriors

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    Great start, we have 6 core players signed on in 24hrs and another 8 that will be available to sub at various events!

    Need a few more full time core players, including pitching. Great opportunity, we will be very competitive with plenty of playing time and a very relaxed/easy practice schedule.

    PM me or text for a private tryout or more info. Pass this along to any interested families.
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    Looking very good.

    We have an experienced coaching staff with several ex players coming back to coach.

    We have players with experience from playing on past WWAST teams, Bandits, Lasers, Outlaws, Storm, Wolfpack, Emeralds, Racers, etc.

    Don't fall asleep on us, we will be very competitive and will have a great time doing it!

    We currently can use:
    1) Pitcher(s)
    2) Speedy outfielder(s), of course slappers are always welcome.
    3) Ball players! Our players have no issues moving around and they like the challenge.

    We can try out for each other during our "2" team builder Oct fall tournaments:
    Oct 11-13 Pumpkin Smash N. Ridgeville
    Oct 19-20 Haunted Trail Champion Ohio, in support of the Boy Scouts

    The Fall schedule are team building events, our summer schedule looks to be very strong:

    **Tentative Summer schedule**

    6-7 *Off*-after HS/College season downtime
    12-14 Laser Nation Columbus
    19-21 ASA States Canton
    or Outlaws Invitational N. Ridgeville
    26-28 Best of the Best Canton

    4-5 *Off*-family holiday time
    10-12 *Open for possible event*
    17-19 Hopes Turn at Bat @ 23u (This is one we like for a good cause, cancer charity) Mayfield Heights
    or Great Lakes Showcase N. Ridgeville

    22-26 USA Softball Eastern Nationals Sterling Virginia
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    We have filled our last catcher position and position player/athlete.

    Still in need of 1 full time pitcher. We have several pitchers that will sub as needed, but would like to lock down a full time player.

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