Week #17 Player of the week - Eden (Edie) Howard

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    Week #17 Player of the week - Eden (Edie) Howard


    Eden(Edie)Howard is a 13 year Ontario middle schooler! Edie is a standout athlete within her school as well as an outstanding student! Edie is a straight A student with a 4.0 gpa. Edie is a member of the JABC Riot 07, where she is a pitcher and a shortstop. On the mound Edie has a ERA of just 1.36 in the last 12 games. Edie has faced 69 batters fanning 16 and only walking 2. Of Edie is not on the mound she is a sure handed as they come at shortstop. In 25 games Edie has only committed one error, not to mention she is the riots lead off batter with an obp of nearly .600. No matter what sport Edie is playing she leaves it all on the field. Look for Edie #17 on a field near you this summer. Keep up the great work Edie!
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