What should be included in MyTeam Profile?

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    What should be included in MyTeam Profile?

    I will try to cover what information parents want to see inside your team profile thread. You are free to add as much information as you want. Don't make a big deal about putting up a profile, Look at MyTeam Profile as being a thread for your team that similar to a one page Web site. That you can update with ease with out the knowledge that's needed to make a Web site. Another reason to not make a big deal about a profile its not the same as other section of the forum only user/member that can't reply to your thread or edit your thread is the original poster (OP).

    A tip on placing links inside MyTeam Profile.

    Remember when making a profile most people don't like wasting time searching the internet clicking this link that link and yet another link trying to find key information. Your job is to place that key information that parents want to see inside (MyTeam Profile). I highly recommend that you place links to your girls softball team web site inside (MyTeam Profile), but remember you have a better chance of getting someone to click your links if you follow a simple format for doing so. Always put your links at the bottom of the thread. It insure you, that people that click the links are more likely interested in the information you presented them in (MyTeam Profile).

    * * Team or Organizations should include the follow in your profile * *

    In the Title: Include your Teams Name birth year and age group.

    Title Example: BAD NEWS HONEY 04 - 12 under

    (Team Name, Head Coaches Name, Team geographic location, Age Group or Birth Year, Tournaments played within a calendar year, Overall Record, Team or Organizations History, current calendar year record, current roster size and players fee's, training facility)

    Here the format we will use for team classification on your teams profile thread.

    Your teams probably has characteristics of more than 1, but you should pick the one that feels the closest

    A = Consists of players from a wide region or even from throughout the state; plays in tournaments in other states including national tourneys; practices throughout the entire year (with the exception of high school players); applies for and regularly gets into selective tourneys and showcases (e.g., Stingrays); players in the 14-16 age range being regularly seen by D1 and D2 college coaches

    B = Consists of players from a fairly wide area, but 80-90% of players within a 50 mile radius; plays in tournaments throughout the state but most are within a 50 mile radius; practices much of the year; more than half of the players likely to play in college including D3 and community college

    C = Consists of players within a local community; plays local rec leagues and/or local tournaments only; practices within the season only.

    What you should include at the bottom of your team profile

    (Lots of Links to your web site, social network or tournaments you host with a title for each link above or embedded in the title), again place your links at the bottom of profile is a tip.

    Good Luck to all the Teams during tryouts or in your search for Subs.
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