Why ain't no one talking about (Danielle Gibson home run cycle)

Discussion in 'General Softball' started by TheSoftballZone, Feb 25, 2019.

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    I'm really surprised that not a single member is talking about History being made this weekend. Arkansas' Danielle Gibson hits the home run cycle, it's only the second time it's happen in NCAA History

    I don't believe it ever been done in the Major League or has it?

    It's sad to think that a major story like this is being talk about on all the sports talk radio stations. But the softball people are silent.

    Maybe that why the 2024 Olympic wants to drop Softball in favor of Skateboarding.
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  2. travelball

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    It wouldn't happen in MLB because after two home runs the batter would be walked, intentionally or unintentionally. I don't know the game situation in this case, but I can't see why this hitter got pitched to the third and fourth times. She was obviously dialed into what they were throwing at her. Good for her, she had an amazing day and is obviously a very capable hitter, but you can't keep serving it up like that when she's on fire.
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  3. RedsDad

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    This young lady had a lights out day at the plate, one any ball player dreams of!
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  4. Heavy Hitter

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    Four home runs in a game

    American League

    Player, Team Date Result
    Josh Hamilton, Texas 05-08-2012 Texas 10, Baltimore 3 MLB.com coverage >
    Carlos Delgado, Toronto 09-25-2003 Toronto 10, Tampa Bay 8 MLB.com coverage > [​IMG]
    Mike Cameron, Seattle 05-02-2002 Seattle 15, Chicago 4 MLB.com coverage > [​IMG]
    Rocky Colavito, Cleveland 06-10-1959 Cleveland 11, Baltimore 8
    Pat Seerey, Chicago 07-18-1948 Chicago 12, Philadelphia A's 11
    Lou Gehrig, New York 06-03-1932 New York 20, Philadelphia 13
    National League

    Player, Team Date Result
    J.D. Martinez, Arizona 09-04-2017 Arizona 13, Los Angeles 0 MLB.com coverage>
    Scooter Gennett, Cincinnati 06-06-2017 Cincinnati 13, St. Louis 1 MLB.com coverage>
    Shawn Green, Los Angeles 05-23-2002 LA 16, Milwaukee 3 MLB.com coverage > [​IMG] | [​IMG]
    Mark Whiten, St. Louis 09-07-1993 St. Louis 15, Cincinnati 2 [​IMG]
    Bob Horner, Atlanta 07-06-1986 Montreal 11, Atlanta 8
    Mike Schmidt, Philadelphia 04-17-1976 Philadelphia 18, Chicago 16 (10 inn.) [​IMG]
    Willie Mays, San Francisco 04-30-1961 San Francisco 14, Milwaukee 4
    Joe Adcock, Milwaukee 07-31-1954 Milwaukee 15, Brooklyn 7
    Gil Hodges, Brooklyn 08-31-1950 Brooklyn 15, Boston 3
    Chuck Klein, Philadelphia 07-10-1936 Philadelphia 9, Pittsburgh 6 (10 inn.)
    Ed Delahanty, Philadelphia 07-13-1896 Chicago 9, Philadelphia 8
    Bobby Lowe, Boston 05-30-1894 Boston 20, Cincinnati 11

    I guess it has happened multiple times in the MLB.

    Congratulations to this young lady she had an amazing day at the plate.
  5. jt7663

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    Those MLB Stat's are 4 Homeruns in a Game which has happened multiple times. This was 4 Homerun Cycle which according to an ESPN clip yesterday has never happened in MLB
  6. Heavy Hitter

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    I now it was for the cycle BUT I was a replying Travelball saying it wouldn't happen in MLB because after 2 hrs they would walked or hit the batter etc. My point was 4 hrs have been it in a game in MLB multiple times but thanks for sharing.
  7. jt7663

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    True to your point Now they just bean them or pitch around them!
  8. Run26

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    Sounds to me like the SIU pitching coach could use a new wristband from coachjwb with a very clear WALK SIGN.
  9. City Slicker

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    :D LOL :D - You win!

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