Why do PARENTS choose Softball over other sports?

Discussion in 'Softball Parent Discussions' started by ptwboom, Dec 8, 2005.

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    PARENTS why do you choose softball over other sports? With so many choices and activities for your young athlete why did you choose softball?
  2. HITTER23

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    Thats easy, i played alot of mens slow pitch, they grew up around softball and at the fields, so they didnt know any better....
  3. Stupid Jim

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    As a parent I didn't choose anything I have six kids only one plays softball, I will not force any of my kids to play any sports, they go in the direction that makes them happy
  4. wow

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    They did not choose softball..... Softball chose them...
  5. yossarian

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    My daughter naturally gravitated toward it. We watch a lot of baseball so that probably contributed to the early interest. Also, I told her there are two kinds of girls: ones who play softball and ones whose parents don't love them.
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    Wow! Holy old resurrected thread.
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    As a parent I couldn't make them love softball. My daughters choose Softball each for different reasons. I did give them opportunities to love other sports but they didn't like to run enough for track, s---r, or field hockey. Didn't have the height for basketball and hated the booty shorts of volleyball. Couldn't skate well enough ice hockey of figure skating. Downhill skiing was much to cold. Wasn't close enough to a lake for rowing or a river for kayaking. Competitive skydiving was nixed for obvious reasons....

    They loved being in the circle and the pressure of the game pivoting on the next pitch and then the next pitch. One enjoyed the strategy and the other other enjoyed the spinning pitches and her 'hey, try to hit this' attitude.

    Both went through college playing and I miss their games.

    I didn't pick softball for either one...

    ...but I did make it possible for them to love it.

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