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    We make it a rule to not ever use subs on our team and our not big fans of our girls subbing for others. As a coach, if I've made a commitment to your daughter to help develop her, that means I'm not bringing in others that I didn't commit to. And in return, I would hope our girls don't feel the need to go look for playing time elsewhere. We get so few weekends off, that it's a rarity for the girls to have time to go sub.
    Last year I think we had 3 girls go sub elsewhere on off weekends.. 2 of those 3 didn't come back this year. We played about 120 games last season, so it's not like we didn't play enough softball, lol.

    And yeah, I get that "that's softball, " but every time I hear that I scratch my head. It's not the norm for baseball. Why do we allow it to be the norm for softball? A few decades ago, when the sport was not as big as it is now, I could see why softball had such relaxed rules, it was necessary sometimes to have enough girls. But now...? I say commit to your girls and girls commit to your teams. Just my two cents, which ain't worth much, lol.
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    I have a daughter that has subbed for a team last year and ultimately landed on that team this year. The coach begged and begged her to leave her other team which she did not leave until the end of the year. She was promised a lot of mound time prior to joining as well as a lot of time in her 3 other positions. Now that we have started the fall season with this team we are finding that he is not giving her very much time at all. She was suppose to be his starter and now is his second string. She has not changed anything in the way she plays, it just seems as if he is playing favoritism towards a few select girls. Its amazing how coaches will promise girls the world until they get them on their team and then never follow through. It not only makes the parents mad, but crushes the girl that it is happening to. This is why girls get frustrated and leave teams mid season. So just because it looks like the grass is greener on the other side of the fence it is not always what it is cracked up to be just saying.
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    I have edited since my first post...
    I would like to address a few items on the above post. I will say that my family was a part of the Teal team last year (our 10U season), and not sure if my daughter was 2 of the 3 that the Laserteal06 highlighted about. I will say that we for the most part enjoyed our time with the team. We weren't "those parents" who were always disgruntled, boisterous, or a rebellious "pot-stirrer." I will admit that I did call out the HC once for not playing the bench players during a 14-4 contest late in the game in the last tourney of the season. During the season, I calmly talked to the coaching staff 3 times, both in an open forum and closed meeting. There are some great people and girls on that team that we will miss dearly. I always respected that the HC would play the best 9 on Sunday, but my daughter would have the opportunity to compete for a spot during pool play.

    Fast forward till this post, I do take issue when my "11-year-old" gets possibly called out and the reason for my post.

    "I hope our girls don't feel the need to go look for playing time elsewhere"

    Does this statement include those not in the lineup during POOL PLAY? I understand BRACKET, play 9, but what if a girl isn't in the lineup at 10U during POOL PLAY, is it okay then?? I say this, because last year at multiple tournaments, qualifyiers and non-qualifiers, there were times that Teal decided not to bat roster during pool play. So "the starters" received more than triple the amount of at bats during the tournament and a kid who sat during Bracket and a pool play game would of saw, so is it not right to find more live at bats or pitching time somewhere else? Have a backbone and believe in what you are selling on your team, then you don't have to worry about them going somewhere else. I would welcome a person getting more looks, but again, obviously different coaching philosophy.

    "We played about 120 games last season, so it's not like we didn't play enough softball"
    Is it not true that some of the Teal girls also played REC also? (I might be mistaken on this) So it's okay to play rec to get more reps, but not okay to get tournament ball reps....

    "We make it a rule to not ever use subs on our team and our not big fans of our girls subbing for others"

    Teal will be scrimmaging some of the top teams in Ohio on July 22nd in the Akron area and will be short a few players (scrimmaging against Ice,Silver and Ohio Lightning Gold). This is also a great opportunity to let the coaches get a look at the players who may want to try out for next year. Please contact 740XXXXXXX if interested.

    Thanks ,
    lasers teal 06

    ---- Someone must of hacked or it's some false news

    "Last year I think we had 3 girls go sub elsewhere on off weekends.. 2 of those 3 didn't come back this year"
    If you don't see this as "piling on" or a jab at those who aren't there now, And the real reason for my post, there is something wrong--- some reason why the initial post had to have this quote in there, I don't have the slightest...

    Look HC or wifey, you can explain and downplay why or why not my daughter should not have been a Laser, and thats fine, Or maybe you will blame my post on why I'm bitter since you won a championship yesterday . Or why or why not I'm wrong and you are right but why come on here and post some non-sense but since you are talking about others, since you are putting others on blast- Let's turn the finger around....

    Are you a true coach or a manager? Ask yourself, are you breaking down swings, are you critiquing fielding styles --- or is it come to practice and improve because the amount of reps you are getting in, and letting all the hitting/pitching coaches do the hard work. Are you running practices that involve fundamentals or is it come to practice and throwing the ball "around the horn 100 X" for fielding practice. Is there a means to your practice, do you have an individual session, partner session, small group session, and team session, could it possibly be a scripted practice??

    Alright manager, tell me why I had to tell you to move the infield in to cut down the winning run at ASA/USA Losers bracket final --- we went two pitches with our infield back with 1 out and winning run on third, then subsequently had to tell you to move the outfield in for the line-drive and thrown home. I can keep going., keep coming on here and blasting 11 year olds for getting more reps in when you decide not to play them during POOL PLAY.....
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    Not trying to air dirty laundry and this was not about any specific kiddo. The post asked for advise and I gave it. Best of luck to you and yours this season Matt.
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    I wish I had seen it before the edits!
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    My daughter has subbed many, many times, mainly before she started high school as her team mates were in HS ball, and a couple times since. It was always with the understanding that she is spoken for. Even now, if we had a weekend off, she would want to play despite our busy schedule. I think equally there are coaches that let girls down or are not upfront about what their intentions are. If you are doing what you say, normally there should be nothing to worry about. We have taught our daughter about commitment to her team and coaches. Prior to committing to a team, our first talk is always about expectations from both sides and researching the coach and organization you are looking at, even if just committing to subbing. The commitment was made by the player, not the other team. Make your team too great of an atmosphere to leave and you should have no worries! If you did and she still leaves, she was not a good fit anyway!
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    Is wasn't much editing except changing "never disgruntled" and adding that I was upset that bench players weren't thought of in a 14-4 game :)
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    Lvemykds,when a coach makes promises to you and youre dd it will clash with all the other promises tha coach made to others,the only promises i want are they will do everything they can to help my dd get better
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    There you go. If a coach makes promises, beware. Even when I was pretty sure about a player/family and what the role would be, things change. I will only guarantee an opportunity, also players can play into or out of the opportunity.

    I once lost a family I coached the previous year because they demanded I guarantee starting short stop reps to their kid, I said no, she would have to earn it like everyone else. I did say that she is #1 on the depth chart, but has to earn it every practice, every game and that I would groom at least one more at the position for depth and competition. They bounced around some since and are still people I love and I always take time to see her play when I can and talk to the family, good people, not a fit for them.

    I have said this many times, be consistent. Say what you do, do what you say, communicate. If a player wants to leave, it is what it is, must not have been a fit. Not everyone is going to love how you handle your business, but you gotta be you. If "you" is a coach "poaching" the next great thing all the time, or if "you" is a developer of talent and love of the game, it will all come out in the wash eventually and players/families will hear. Same for families.
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  11. I can see that to an extent, but when the parent tells me that this particular team has been hounding them to quit the team they are on and join their team kind of makes it a little Obvious that it was an all the kid and parents .idea.
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    plenty of SNAKES wearing the parent hat out there. Which is worse?
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    This is funny... I can't wait until little "sally" gets ready to go college and wants to play ball. Are you going to argue with the college coaches? Say your princess is better than his other recruits? Are you guys gonna be pitching a fit because the coach, who has a roster of 20+ didn't play your little angel in blowout? Or complain that coaches are trying to poach players from "your" college to "their" college?

    Someone needs to put on their big girl (or boy) panties and grow up. Is your kid good?? (says who... you???) Let's just get a grip on reality here. I know every parent likes to think that their kid should be the big dog at all times, but the reality is... someone out there is working harder, more often, smarter or whatever to be better than your little one. Someone else's kid is always better! That's why there is so much daddy ball out there, my princess, my star.... only on MY team. When it looks like your 11 year old has been on 3 teams ... maybe you should look in the mirror to figure out what you are doing wrong and stop pointing fingers.

    Don't like it move on or practice harder. Complaining will get you.... NOWHERE..
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    Which is "snakier"? Hypothetically speaking of course....

    1. A coach who asks or allows a player to guest play on their team in a tournament when that player's regular (rostered) team is playing in a totally different tournament nearby and said player runs from site to site to play on both teams on same day.


    2. Parents who take their player to guest play for a team in the am, then go to their regular team in afternoon, then rush back to team they are guest playing for later in the day to play in bracket play?
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    Neither. Sounds like a player who likes to get as many games in as possible. Doesn't sound like anyone was hurt based on your hypothetical situation.
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    Neither, my daughter will play as many games as possible. She played 115 last year as a 9 year old, catching 80% of them.
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    In my "hypotheical" situation does it become snaky if the team the player guest playing for offers her a spot on their team, before the fall season is over, for the next spring/summer?
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    This did not bother our team/coaches at the 9/10 under division. Now that we are in the 11/12 under its more than Snakes. Our coach just sent out a email first of March saying any players caught subbing can stay with that team. Now a days you are not subbing in you are actually trying out for that team when you are with them that weekend. There Coach can say subbing in but that is not true.
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    I disagree. My daughter subs when she has an open weekend because she loves to play. We are always up front with the team that we are subbing for that we are not interested in anything other than subbing. If her coach told her she couldn't, then we would look elsewhere to play.
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    That's interesting. "What if your coach says he will run practice for 2 hours on any Saturday the team doesn't play." Would you still insist your daughter subs?

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