Non-Sanctioned Tourney Y-TOWN MAYHEM JULY 24-26, 2020

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    We had 50 teams play in 2019
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    I am separating the 12U division into a Platinum and a Gold Division. I have traded texts with some of you to get an idea where your team belongs.. If you don't agree with the division I have your team listed, please contact me to discuss fiurther.

    Jeff Steiner

    10U 1Spot Left

    1. Thunder Elite-marlatt -pd
    2. Thunder Elite '10 -pd
    3. Thunder Elite '09-pd
    4. Aftershock - pd
    5. Silver Creek 9U Prospects -pd
    6. West Hills-cain-pd
    7. Ohio Warriors '09-pd
    8. Ohio Blast-strock-pd
    90. NC Blackout
    10.Ohio Slamforce-pd
    11. Pride Fastpitch-pd
    12. Ohio Warriors 10U-fiddler-pd
    13. Steel Valley Storm-watts

    12U PLATINUM - 1 spot left

    1. Thunder Elite '07-pd
    2. Thunder Elite-rininger-pd
    3. Steel Valley Storm-millich-pd
    4. Twin City Mustangs-pd
    5. Valley Extreme 07-pd
    6. Team PA 11U-pezzuolo-pd
    7. Ohio Storm '07-veno-pd
    8. Ohio Blast-dado-pd
    9. ROC Elite-pd
    10. Silver Creek Prospects '07-pd
    11. Keystone Kombat 12u-pd
    12. Tallmadge Force '07-pd
    13. Lasers Scarlet-

    12U GOLD -1 spot left
    1. Thunder Elite '08-pd
    2. Pride Softball-pd
    3. Aftershock-pd
    4. St Marys Pounders-pd
    5. RC Venom 11u-pd
    6. Spikes Softball-pd
    7. Passion ‘08-pd
    8. Steel Valley Storm 11/12u-pd
    9.NC Blackout
    10. Ohio Warriors-haggerty-pd
    11. Lady Lookouts 11U-pratt-pd
    12. Team Pennsylvania 11u- kowalski-pd
    13. Buckeye charge '08-pd
    14. Racers '08-pd
    15. Silver Creek '08-pd
    16.Ohio Warriors 12U-Miller-pd
    17.Ohio Wariors-thorpe/hendershot


    1. Thunder Elite 14U Premier-pd
    2. Steel Valley Storm-rivera-pd
    3. Silver Creek '06-pd
    4. River City Venom-kalkowski-pd
    5. Ohio Outlaws 06 reese-pd
    6. ROC Elite ‘06-pd
    7. St Marys Pounders-pd
    8. Ohio Outlaws-shaulis-pd
    9. Pittsburgh Power-pd
    10.Pittsburgh Pride 14u-maiola
    11. Devils Fastpitch-pd
    12. Ohio Lightning-redford
    13. Ohio Lightning '06-harkness-pd
    14. Pittsburgh Roadrunners
    15. Lady Landsharks-Hall
    16. Lady Warriors
    17. Steel Valley Storm 14U-saluga

    1. ROC Elite Orange
    2. Silver Creek 18U
    3. Lady Stangs
    4. Summit Diamonds 18U-pd
    5. USA Patriots WWAST-pd
    6. North Akron Heat-pd
    7. St Marys Pounders
    8. RC Venom 16U
    9.USSSA Pride
    10. Pittsburgh Riot 03
    11. Blackhawks Mayhem '02
    12.USSSA Pride Scarlet
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    Please add Devils Fastpitch 06 to your 14u list! I will print and send form asap
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    Team List is updated!
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    Please add Ohio Ice Purple 09’ 10u
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    Team list is updated!!
  8. SC Prospects 09

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    Please add Silver Creek Prospects 09. Check will be in mail this week.
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    Team List is Updated!!
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    We will take up to 52 teams this year
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    Please add Ohio Outlaws Shaulis to 14U.
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    Got it...
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    Team List is updated. Please get Payments in by March 1st. I do not want to turn away teams if others have not been paid.
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    Team List is Updated!!
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    I have 1 spot left in the 10U division. Contact me if you want this spot.
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    Team List is Updated!!!
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    Is this tournament still on???
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    We are canceling the Y-Town Mayhem and Rescheduling for July 24-26th. Teams already registered and paid will have the choice to be transferred into the rescheduled tournament on July 24th weekend at no additional cost or you can elect to get a FULL refund sent back to you.. I sent out emails to all teams on 4/6.

    Jeff Steiner
    Thunder Elite
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    Teams that are currently registered and are on the teams list.... Please let me know of your intentions in the coming week or so. For any teams that are not signed up, the July registration information is updated on the Thunder Elite Website I added 16U and 18U as well.

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