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Thread: Forming a New Team - Recouping Team Fees Idea -- Positives and Negatives

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    Re: Forming a New Team - Recouping Team Fees Idea -- Positives and Negatives

    $1000.00 for any team under 12u is a little pricey... 12u and under teams should be able to play year around for that amount and have top notch uniforms, bags, and training facilities.
    Get the right Head Coach and the team does not have to bring in coaches for hire... (I never really did buy in to doing this especially at the younger ages)...I could write a whole story on why...

    If you have a solid practice plan a couple nights a week, play leagues and tournaments that matches the team goals...Have four ladies that want to pitch and, make sure you are getting all the ladies infield and outfield time then at the younger ages you as a coach are doing what you need to be doing. Proper practices and pitching and the wins will come as the ladies grow... Remember we are talking 8,9,10 year olds...Its about learning the game, then learning how to play the game as a team, then learning how to play fast...
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    Re: Forming a New Team - Recouping Team Fees Idea -- Positives and Negatives

    If you take your kid to a tryout for a team 12 years old or younger and they tell you that you have to pay you need to have her play less and start training more.

    IOW, don't pay a dime for a team that is 12u or under.
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    Re: Forming a New Team - Recouping Team Fees Idea -- Positives and Negatives

    I appreciate all the replies and different ways to look at it. I was looking at it more as getting continued work outside of practice. (we all know those girls who don't pick up a ball/bat in between practices) I agree that Local Camps at the 8,9,10 can be a little elementary for a travel girl, but I also look at it as getting reps is never a bad thing, plus you meet new people, make new friends and get your name out there. I tell my girls, if a local camp coach tells you to do something different than what you have learned, then shake your head and try it. Have an open mind, learn new things. Getting reps never a bad thing and same way as those young PITCHERS who are still playing rec ball getting work in. Contrary to those parents at the park, who think it is just a chest beating session mowing down rec girls, the pitchers ARE getting work in not only on the field, but in the bullpen sessions also. (people out there will say, I'll save my 75$ and take my daughter to the field every Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday morning and she will get way more reps... if you can do that with the strict regimen as being on a team... more power too you)

    The other reason I was looking to do that was to give a break to those who do see a professional. I took for granted all those years of not seeing a professional hitting/slapping coach. My oldest (second year 12U) never has had a lesson, and my middle (second year 10U) has had maybe had 2-3. Especially now that I have a wannabe pitcher, dang it's pricey!! And she goes once every two weeks and splits time with another girl. WOW!!! A girl who is seeing a pitching coach every week is paying dang near double membership fees if you include those numbers.

    I really like the idea of using the money to bring in a professional at practice so every is on the same page, same terminology used at practice, etc -- I agree with CapThunder that $1000 is not crazy out of the norm to have for a 9U or 10U team.

    I want my head coach to manage the team. A guy/gal who not only knows X's and O's and puts a line-up together, but is a teacher of the game, sets team meetings, coaches meetings, delegates jobs, is organized, shows great enthusiasm, sells his team on social media, has great communication and creates great rapport with girls and parents and there is way more... (i'm picky) Coaches have to be upfront with parents on their strengths and weaknesses. They need to rest their ego and ask for help sometimes. Can't stand a coach, who says "well they aren't a good coach, because of this or that" Just because my philosophy differs from yours doesn't mean that they are horrible. There is probably something there that you can take away that will help your team. Coaches always have to be learning new techniques, stealing ideas from other coaches, and adapting their team.
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