02 looking for some extra fall ball

Discussion in 'Retired Tryouts Post' started by Bo_14ball, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. Bo_14ball

    Bo_14ball New Member

    Middle infielder and outfield looking to sub this fall. Will play anywhere needed just wants more field and plate time. Fast with good bat. Has team just wants more fall play. Dayton area. Will travel for tourneys.
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  2. Bo_14ball

    Bo_14ball New Member

    Would like to help in some tournaments. Ready to play.
  3. Countychaos

    Countychaos New Member

    would you be looking to sub in any summer tournys also? would love to put you on a list of call ups.
  4. Bo_14ball

    Bo_14ball New Member

    Thanks countychaos but i think Pittsburgh is a little far to sub.

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