03 Lefty Pitcher looking to sub in NE Ohio

Discussion in 'Player needs team or Sub opportunities' started by mbkaiser01, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. mbkaiser01

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    Our daughter is looking for a couple sub opportunities in NE Ohio or possible NW PA to keep her arm going over the summer and fall. She's a Sept 03 birthdate. She has decent speed (50s), but is defintely a movement pitcher. She has 5 pitches she throws well. She's a lefty, plays HS ball, all conference second team. 185 strikeouts in 17 games pitched. She also plays 1B and LF, OBP around .450 in the high school season but not the most aggressive runner. She played 16u travel ball last year and is playing some 18u all-star games also. Her coach from last year has invited her back a few times and she's had several offers but just doesn't want a full time committment since we are doing a lot of traveling this summer. She's a great team player, loves meeting new girls, and just looking to pick up a tournament or two (or three).
  2. JedStaley50

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    Just sent you a DM
  3. Klump

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    16u Ohio Ice Red needs a sub. Sent you a message.

    OHBALL Member

    Pm sent
  5. Falcon Force

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    Austintown Falcon Force 16u will be looking for an 03 pitcher for our 2019 Fall Ball and 2020 regular season travel team. We are losing 3 girls (02) after this summer (one of them a pitcher). We do about 5 or 6 travel tournies a season and play dble header friendlies on Tuesdays for about 5 or 6 weeks between tournies. Most tournies are near Cleveland area, couple near Youngstown area and we've done Softball Nationals in Ky or Myrtle last 3 year. If your daughter is interested in joining a travel team to keep up with pitching in the fall of 2019 and summer of 2020, let me know.
    Matt Skarbinski
    330 519 3344
  6. DiamondChix

    DiamondChix New Member

    We are looking for a pitcher for the Ohio World Series in Columbus Ohio July 12-14!! Email holly at phillihe@Gmail.com
  7. DiamondChix

    DiamondChix New Member

    We also are looking for a pitcher for GAPPS in Columbus, Ohio July 5-7! Phillihe@Gmail.com
  8. RufusSoftball

    RufusSoftball New Member

    I am looking for the right pitcher for 16U Aunt Rosie's (Buffalo), the weekend of June 21-23. If interested, please call or text 412-999-7532.
    Mike Logan, Passion.
  9. Bree Gill

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    18u Wadsworth Grizzlies looking for a pitcher October 19th in Strongsville, Ohio.

    also looking to fill our roster for the 2020 summer.

    if interested contact
    Bree Gill
  10. Falcon Force

    Falcon Force Member

    Austintown Falcon Force is looking for a pitcher who can also contribute in the field. We play a lighter summer schedule in 2020 (5 or 6 tournies within 70 miles of 44515 zip code). Play mid week friendlies in June and July and do one out of town tourney to Softball Nationals in Myrtle Bch in early July 2020. If interested or if you have any questions, please call/txt Matt Skarbinski at (330) 519-3344
  11. Kristy

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    Pm sent
  12. pride1

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    Central Ohio Pride 03-Gold needs another pitcher to share innings on October19-20 at Berliner Park in Columbus. This may or may not appeal to you guys but 150+ College Coaches will be in attendance. Give me a call or text at:

    Joe Ogg

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