'03 Showcase in need of Catcher/Utility

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    '03 Stark county based Showcase team looking for one player. Prefer catcher, or pitcher, utility. Must have a big bat. Contact head coach 330-309-6934.
    Summer schedule all College Showcases; Outlaws, Compuware, Best of the Best, Stingrays, Nashville Nationals to name a few
    NCSA Recruitment included in fee, which will be reduced for late start. Also inlucded are 3 uniforms, bat bag, helmet and mask and much more.
    Welcome to come join this Sun at East Canton HS auxilliary gym Nov 16th at 5pm for indoor practice. Contact Coach for address detail and try out after or other date.
    We are committed to these girls futures in softball and in the classroom. Entire team boasts a 3.3 -4.2 GPA. Family environment. We do alot of team bonding and parents are best friends as well as the girls on and off the field. We choose attitude over everything. Trophies come with good attitude. We place deep in all tournaments, playing all the big names, even college teams, coming up with big wins. Its all about the girls and their commitment to getting better to play the next level, all while allowing them to still be kids and not burning them out. Academics first.
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