04 Pitcher available this weekend (7/22-23)

Discussion in 'Retired Tryouts Post' started by CWB, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. CWB

    CWB New Member

    04 Pitcher available to sub this weekend. Looking to stay within an 1.4 hour drive of Columbus.
  2. ioagf

    ioagf New Member

    My DD travel season over but she still wants to play. Strong 04 pitcher who wants to play next 2 weekends either 12U or 14U. Also catches and middle infielder. Really wants to play All Sanction World Series in Columbus (7/28-7/30) if anyone is looking for guest. Strong bat as well. PM if interested.
  3. Ohio Fury Softball

    Ohio Fury Softball New Member

    What other positions does she play? What other teams has she played for? We are in Beavercreek, thanks.
  4. ioagf

    ioagf New Member

    Strong pitcher on top tier SC Prospects 04 team, played all infield positions including catcher, power hitter, over .500 ba, 43 XBH, 7 HRs, 73 rbi. Available to play in All Sanction 12U World Series in Columbus (7/28-7/30)

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