Looking 4 Pitcher 05 #1 Pitcher wanted for 16U

Discussion in 'Softball Teams needing players, Subs' started by fawl002, Mar 3, 2020.

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    (S)andusky (C)ounty Stingers are looking for an 05 #1 type pitcher to join our young team and grow with us the next three years in 16U. 8 of our 12 girls are 05s. We are scheduled to play in 8 tournaments this summer.

    Jason Fawley
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    We placed in 6 of 9 tournaments last year in 14U as a young team. We train throughout the year. One of our pitching coaches is a current D1 pitcher. We have proven hitting instructors. If you would like to join our already solid group of young pitchers, reach out for a tryout!

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