05 Catcher looking for a team 2019/2020

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  1. Did you guys find a team?
  2. Smitvols38

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    Hi I’m one of the coaches with the Southwest Outlaws 05 we are based just south of the Dayton area and might be interested if your daughter would like to come out Sunday to practice with us to ge
  3. Please check your dm’s
  4. Coachjoe4GFP

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    ***Grizzly Fastpitch****
    We offer an winter indoor hitting facility, many teams play Winter/Spring indoor at SpanoDome, and have typically participated in 5-8 tournaments during summer.
    Registration fee is around $300 per year, we have always been among lowest cost travel teams in area as a result of being a non profit. Registration Fee pays tournament fees and Uniforms. We also require participation in 1 fundraiser during the season by all player Families.
    ****We are also currently holding multiple PRIVATE tryouts. For questions about anything and scheduling private a tryout,
    Please contact:
    Coach Joe Rodgers
    *Multiple references available.

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