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  1. freddieball

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    My daughter is an 05 looking for a team since her team has recently disbanded. She is true lefty. She is not a slapper but she can drag bunt and hit away. She is very fast. She has mainly played center and left field. She has a very strong arm. She has been seeing Ali Viola for hitting for 5 years, and we have been using Ali for 8 years. She has a lot travel experience and us as a family have been in travel ball since my older daughter was 11 and now she is a sophomore in college. She is looking for a 15 or 16u team. Has no problem moving up to 18u next year. She was on a 04 team and has already played a year of 16u. We are looking for a competitive team in Central Ohio and don't mind the travel. We have traveled all over the country for softball when our older daughter played an all PGF showcase schedule. We are not looking for a team that does all showcase tournaments. Open to a A or a B team. My emal is saleen@columbus.rr.com
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    Not sure of your exact location, but Lady Lookouts 16U White are still looking for a few more young ladies to fill out our roster. We will consider all positions, and like everyone else, we could use another pitcher too.

    If interested, we are having an open workout this Sunday, November 8 at 11am at Lions Park in Tallmadge.

    Our program includes off season conditioning, hitting, pitching and catcher lessons. We will be planning on approximately 6-7 summer tournaments. Most will be local (Northeast Ohio), with probably one over nighter (tentatively the World Series in Columbus). The goal of this team is to take girls to the next level individually, and work collectively to amplify those skills.

    If you are interested, please feel free to contact me!

    Coach Eric Finnegan
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  3. fawl002

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    Still interested
  4. freddieball

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    @fawl002 @penguinswin Sorry Jason and Eric we are looking for something in Central Ohio around the Columbus area. Thank you though for your consideration
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  5. penguinswin

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    @freddieball Totally understand! Best of luck finding a great landing spot for your daughter!
  6. jbaugh33

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    Lightning 16U Blue, Pataskala area, B level, looking for 1 more player
    Coach Jason
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    OFC Heat 05 out of Mason, Oh just had an opportunity open up. Looking for a speedy leadoff hitter. Call/text me if interested. Jason Conley 513-519-4470. We can setup a workout this weekend.
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    I wish we had a spot on our 16U. Anyone with Saleen in their email has to be pretty cool. Good luck with your search!

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