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Discussion in 'Player needs team or Sub opportunities' started by Ed Wylie, Jun 16, 2021.

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  1. Ed Wylie

    Ed Wylie New Member

    Daughter is 06 pitcher/1b. Her team is not playing the weekend 25-27. Looking to sub
    Text 937-212-5470
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  2. Bigbob24

    Bigbob24 New Member

    Where are you located
  3. Ed Wylie

    Ed Wylie New Member

    Dayton Ohio. Willing to travel some. Hoping to land a spot at scenic city
  4. Bigbob24

    Bigbob24 New Member

    We are looking for one for that weekend in Canfield Ohio. Would that be to far for you
  5. Bigbob24

    Bigbob24 New Member

    If not this is the head coach number his name is Rob Nogay 7247302217
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  6. penguinswin

    penguinswin Member

    any chance you are off July 15- 18? We are looking for a sub in Columbus that weekend
  7. JeffS1710

    JeffS1710 New Member

    We are playing in Loudonville and looking for a sub this weekend. Please let me know if you're interested. (740) 281-7333
  8. Erica Gasser

    Erica Gasser New Member

    July 23-25th Berliner availability? Missing a pitcher from my roster...
  9. Tornado35

    Tornado35 Member

    I am looking for a sub for my Cincy Doom 06 Gold team for the World Series at Berliner this weekend. If interested please text me at (740) 221-9497. Thanks.
  10. Ralph Miller

    Ralph Miller Member

    Heart of Ohio Heartbreakers 16/U are playing in the Dawg Daze next weekend. July 30-Aug 1
    Other pitcher plays 1st also.
    Ralph Miller 937-594-0008
  11. AceGRC

    AceGRC Member

    We are in Waverly this weekend and we are down due to an injury. In Pickerington next weekend.
    16U Lady Barracudas-Owens
  12. AceGRC

    AceGRC Member

    We are down due to a season ending injury.
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