07 players needed

Discussion in 'Softball Teams needing players, Subs' started by Jb36, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. Jb36

    Jb36 New Member

    07 players needed for World Series in Columbus. Due to injuries were trying to pick up a pitcher and extra player.
  2. slapper0122

    slapper0122 New Member

    Contact info?
  3. FirecrackersMom

    FirecrackersMom New Member

    How do we contact you? We have an 07 utility player who played up with a 14u team this past weekend at Berliner.
  4. michele_223

    michele_223 New Member

    We could do it. Message me.
  5. Danno

    Danno Member

    What team?
    What positions?
    Thank you!

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