08 pitcher/utility player looking to sub on off weekends

Discussion in 'Retired Tryouts Post' started by Softballmom36564, May 13, 2019.

  1. Softballmom36564

    Softballmom36564 New Member

    48-50 mph pitcher with a great bat (often power hitter) and ability to play most positions is looking to fill off weekends this year. Our free dates are:
    June 1st & 2nd
    June 22nd & 23rd
    June 29th & 30th
    July 20th & 21st

    Willing to travel any distance to fill our off weekends. Please call or text 740-416-6225


    10U Cincy Slammers Blue - Steele looking for Pitcher to sub - Please contact Coach Steele - 513-503-8966
  3. Sonia Snyder

    Sonia Snyder New Member

    Does she throw a change up? Have you filled those dates yet?
  4. IRdad09

    IRdad09 Member

    Have you filled this weekend yet? I am in need of a sub pitcher. Not sure where you are coming from. The tournament we are in is in Solon, OH. We would be playing 1 game Friday, 2 Saturday and however many on Sunday. If you are traveling a distance you could just come Sat and Sun. Let me know.
    Drew Rainey
    Mentor Big Red 10u
    (570) 419-2592
  5. Softballmom36564

    Softballmom36564 New Member

    I'm unsure how to take this post down but my daughter currently is playing for a team and is not looking to sub as our schedule is booked through the end of July.
  6. AJ Johnston

    AJ Johnston New Member

    Looking for a 10u sub pitcher for July 20-21 in Logan Ohio
  7. We are looking for a pitcher for this weekend in Mayfield. Text me 440-220-0513
  8. Softballmom36564

    Softballmom36564 New Member

    We are not looking to sub at this time; unfortunately, I do not know how to take this post down.

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