'09 & '06 Players looking to sub at All Sanctioned WS @ Berliner

Discussion in 'Player needs team or Sub opportunities' started by Centerville_FP, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. I have an '09 and '06 player free the weekend of the All Sanctioned WS @ Berliner this July. Both can play about anywhere you might need. Both are decent hitters as well.
  2. IRdad09

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    Does the 09 pitch? I am currently looking for pitching help for the World Series.
    Mentor Big Red 10u
  3. Yes she can pitch...she takes lessons from Lou Landers in Lebanon...
  4. IRdad09

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    As mentioned I am looking for some pitching help. I need someone that will throw strikes (at least most of the time) and keep fighting. I have no delusions of winning down in Columbus, it is more for an experience for the girls. My #1 pitcher will hold her own, however after that I don't think so. Therefor, I am looking to add 1-2 more pitchers for that weekend.
    What team does your daughter play for? Does she pitch for them. Again, I don't need a #1 although that would be great. I also don't want to throw someone out there that doesn't have any experience.
  5. She is the #3 pitcher for the '09 Bandits. She was just in Loudonville but won't be any further north than OSU before the WS, but if you are nearby, you can take a look at her at Stingrays to see if she would be good enough.
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    Certainly won't be nearby. We are 30 minutes East of Cleveland in Mentor. I'll be completely up front with you. Her as the #3 there, she is probably equal or better than my #1 here. We are a local travel team. We have a lot of athletes, but only 2 focus on softball. Everyone else tries to split time between soccer, basketball and softball. Feel free to call or text if you are interested and we can discuss further.
    (570) 419-2592
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    Is your daughter looking for a team for 2019/2020? We would love her to come tryout for the 10U Lady Barracudas, where you will see valuable instruction and advancement from day one! We are an established organization in the Canal Winchester area looking for a few hardworking players to solidify our strong 10U team.
    As former players, the coaches bring unparalleled situational knowledge and understanding from a player’s point of view. Years of successfully coaching winning travel, middle school, and high school teams. Please call/text 740-407-6648.

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