ASA Tournament 10th Annual Pride Challenge ENQ July 3-5, 2020

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  1. 10th Annual Pride Challenge

    ASA Eastern National Qualifier (ENQ) 8u-18u,

    July 3-5th, 2020

    USA Softball ASA ENQ, 4 GG, 3 games pool play into single elimination bracket

    Awards: 1&2 Team Trophies, Player Medals. 8u 1&2 Team Trophies, Player Trophies
    *No Parking or Gate Fees!

    Tournament Fee: $445.00 10u-18u $290.00 for 8u

    Location: Martens Park, Maher Park – Lancaster, Ohio

    Tournament Director: Justin Smith 740-590-8489,

    Game Length will be 75 minutes finish the inning, all games with 7 inning, no time limit Championship Game.

    Registration – Registration can be found online at A team will be considered registered once this form and a deposit of $100 or payment in full has been received. The total payment of fees will be due June 19, 2020. Tournament Fees or Deposit are not refundable after June 12, 2020.

    Mail Registration to:
    Kerry Sheets
    2625 Wheeling Rd. NE
    Lancaster, OH 43130
    *Checks made out to Central Ohio Pride

    Rain Policy: Should the fields become unplayable we will make every attempt to complete the tournament by modifying the format, shortening game times or any other available options. Cancellation of the tournament will be a last resort! In the event we must cancel we will refund the entry fees to each team as follows:
    0 games played – 75% of entry fee
    1 games played – 50% of entry fee
    2 games played or more – 0% of entry fee
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  2. Teams Registered:


    1. Central Ohio Pride '11 pd in full
    2. Bo Jackson Blast '11 pd in full
    3. Southern Ohio Eagles 8u
    4. NKy Bandits 2k11 pd in full

    10u - Cancelled, lack of interest

    12u - Full
    1. Central Ohio Pride 08 pd in full
    2. Central Ohio Pride 07 pd in full
    3. Ohio Sting 12u Red pd in full
    4. Buckeye Elite 07 pd in full
    5. Cap City Force 08 - Cherry pd in full
    6. Muskie Chix 08 - Spencer pd in full
    7. Mojo Chics 12u Black pd deposit
    8. Mojo Chics 12u Blue pd deposit
    9. Ohio Express 12u pd in full
    10. Heart of Ohio Pride 12u

    14u - FULL
    1. Ohio Sting 14u Red pd in full
    2. Central Ohio Pride 05 Bowlby pd in full
    3. Muskie Chix 14u pd in full
    4. Ohio Sting 14u White pd in full
    5. Ohio Lasers Blue 05 pd in full
    6. Midwest Marlins 05 pd in full
    7. Central Ohio Ice 06 pd in full
    8. Lightning 14u Blue pd in full

    16u - FULL
    1. Central Ohio Pride 03 - Elliott pd in full
    2. Springfield Heat 16u - pd in full
    3. Ohio Starz 04 - pd in full
    4. Aftershock 16u - pd in full
    5. Big Katz pd in full
    6. Ohio Stealth - pd in full
    7. Licking County Thunder 03 Blue pd in full
    8. Bo Jackson Elite 04 pd in full
    9. Ohio Shockwave 16u pd in full
    10. Ohio Sting 16u Black pd in full
    11.Ohio Sting 16u Red pd in full
    12. Ohio USSSA Pride Platinum 14u pd in full
    13. Focus Fastpitch 16u pd in full
    14. Ohio Swat 03 pd in full

    18u - FULL
    1. Ohio Sting 18u - pd in full
    2. Central Ohio Pride 03 Gold pd in full
    3. Ohio Thunder 02 pd deposit
    4. Central Ohio Outlaws pd in full
    5. Black Widows 18u pd deposit
    6. KAOS 18u pd in full
    7. Ohio Swat 18u pd in full
    8. Central Ohio Dynamites 18u pd deposit
    9. Strikezone Fillies 18u pd in full
    10. The Lightning 18u
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  3. pride1

    pride1 Member

    To the top
  4. mittsmiracles

    mittsmiracles Member

    Ohio Sting 16u Black is interested please
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  5. You have been added. Thanks!
  6. Ohiofusion04

    Ohiofusion04 Member

    Can u add ohio starz 04 to the 16u please
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  7. You have been added. Thanks !
  8. pride1

    pride1 Member

    No parking or gate fee. Coolers are welcome!
  9. nathan Leslie

    nathan Leslie New Member

    Ohio Sting 12u Red interested.
  10. Matt Colliton

    Matt Colliton Member

    Can you please add Aftershock 16u
  11. mittsmiracles

    mittsmiracles Member

    Please add Ohio Sting to the 18u age group. Thank you.
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  12. AndrewGeorge

    AndrewGeorge Member

    Please add Huber Heights Roadwarriors '11 to the 8U division. Thanks
  13. Added HH Roadwarriors '11, Ohio Sting 12u Red, Ohio Sting 18u, and Aftershock 16u. Thank you!
  14. Added Springfield Heat 16u. Thank you!
  15. Passion4theGame

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    whats cost on 8u division?
  16. $290 …..any other questions just let me know Jeff
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  17. Passion4theGame

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    Please add Bo Jackson Blast '11 to 8u Division.
  18. Added Bo Jackson Blast '11 to 8u. Thank you!
  19. pride1

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    To the top
  20. Chiege

    Chiege New Member

    Please add Ohio Reapers to the 18U division. We would play in a combined 16/18 if you go that way. We're mostly 16U anyway.

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