ASA Tournament 10th Annual Pride Challenge ENQ July 3-5, 2020

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  1. Added Ohio Reapers to 18u. Thank you!
  2. We have had 40+ teams the last 3 year.
  3. Dawgsdad

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    Ohio thunder 02 has registered on the usa site for 18u
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  4. Got it, Thank you!
  5. pride1

    pride1 Member

    To the top
  6. pride1

    pride1 Member

    No gate fee and coolers are welcome
  7. Added Big Katz, Ohio Stealth to 16u and Central Ohio Outlaws, Black Widows Fastpitch to 18u. Thank you!
  8. Added Licking County Thunder 03 Blue to 16u. Thank you!
  9. Added KAOS to 18u!
  10. Added Shockwave 16u - Thank you!
  11. Added Muskie Chix 14u - Thank you!
  12. Added Mt. Vernon Mayhem 8u . Thank you!
  13. To the top please!
  14. Bump to the top
  15. Added Ohio Sting 16u Black to 16u Division. Thank you!
  16. Added Ohio Sting 16u Red - Thank you!
  17. athensswat

    athensswat Member

    Please add Ohio SWAT 18U
  18. Added Ohio Swat 18u, thank you!
  19. Added NKy Bandits 2k11 to 8u and Ohio Lasers Blue 05 to 14u. Thank you!

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