ASA Tournament 10th Annual Pride Challenge ENQ July 3-5, 2020

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  1. Added Ohio Sting 14u Red
  2. Coach Ankrom

    Coach Ankrom Member

    Please add Buckeye Elite 08 to the 12U.
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  3. Added Buckeye Elite 08, thank you!
  4. Added Midwest Marlins 05 and Roadwarrior ’11 Offill 8u. Thank you!
  5. Added Central Ohio Ice 06. Thank you!
  6. Added Cap City Force 08 - Cherry to 12u. Thank you!
  7. Added Muskie Chix 08 to 12u and Central Ohio Dynamites to 18u. 18u is now full and starting waitlist. Thank you!
  8. Added Lady Barracudas to 10u. Thank you
  9. Added Bo Jackson Elite 04 to 16u. Thank you!
  10. Added USSSA Pride White 03 to 16u. Thank you!
  11. OHIO SWAT 03

    OHIO SWAT 03 Member

    Please add Ohio Swat 03 to the waitlists for 16u and 18u. We will play either, Thanks
  12. Ohio SWAT Mcclain

    Ohio SWAT Mcclain New Member

    Please add Ohio Swat 06 to the 14u
  13. 14U at this time is full but I will add you to the wait list. Thank you
  14. Added Mojo Chics 12u Black and Mojo Chics 12u Blue and Mojo Chics 10u White. 12 u is now full. Thank you!
  15. Registration will close this Sunday, June 14th. Still looking for 3 8u teams and 5 10u teams.
  16. Cancelled 10u due to lack of interest and updated payment status. We have room for 3 8u teams and 1 12u team for that weekend. Thanks!
  17. Added The Lightning 18u. Thank you. We have room for a few 8u coach pitch teams and 2 18u teams. Registration closes Sunday
  18. Added Southern Ohio Eagles 8u - Due to a drop looking for 1 18u team to stay even numbers. Thanks!

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