Indoor League 10U/ 12U Cage Games North Ridgeville 3/28-4/18

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    Mavericks Fastpitch will be running indoor cage games at Leffew Fastpitch in North Ridgeville on Saturdays from 3/28- 4/18 called Saturday Night Swings!
    Games will be 100 mins with each team getting to bat for 50 mins (or 21 outs whichever comes first)
    Every ball "put in play" will result in runs or recorded as an out.
    Umpires will call balls and strikes and make rulings on runs scored/ outs.
    More points to be awarded for hitting balls to certain areas of the cage. Straight up the middle 1 run, off the top back 3rd of cage 3 runs, etc....(depiction of cage with run scoring locations to be added later)
    A team consists of 5-11 athletes, each team must have a pitcher!
    All athletes present must be in batting order. (Ex: Can't bring 9 kids and only bat 5)
    Only $75/ team with multi-team discounts available!

    This 4 week "league" is designed to be an option for athletes to see live pitching/ pitch to live batters consistently and have some light competition before Spring season begins. There are a number of great youth travel teams in the Lorain county area! We believe adding this type of fastpitch-esque friendly competition to a normal practice schedule will be beneficial for everybody involved. Only a limited number of spots available!

    Need more info or want to sign up? email Ryan at Saturday Night Swings.png

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