10U Coaches Poll FINAL WEEK (7-22-19) Get Your Votes In!!!

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  1. oiler_pride

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    10U Coaches,

    This will be the Final Week for the 2018 Coaches Poll. Submit your top 10 to me by Wednesday night 11pm. Remember to include your name and team you are representing. You must be a coach or designated representative of your team in order to vote.
    Must include teams #1-10 in your vote

    You can PM me or email me at my EMAIL ADDRESS : jeffreylsteiner@gmail.com

    I will post results on Thursday.

    Jeff Steiner
  2. kidbuckeye

    kidbuckeye Member

    Lasers Orange won the USFA World Series in Panama City Beach, Florida this weekend going 10-2. We fell in the losers bracket and had to fight winning five games on the final day, including double dipping the Firecrackers from Atlanta to win the championship. This gives us our 7th championship on the season and an overall record of 75-20-1!

    Beverly Bandits Fall Futures- Toledo
    Pitch for the Cure- Lancaster
    Thunder Fall Classic- Cincinnati
    Battle at Berliner- Columbus
    May Madness- Pittsburgh
    GAPSS- Powell
    USFA World Series- Panama City Beach

    We have also finished runner up 3 times. Our tournament records vs the top ten teams in Ohio:

    3-0 Wolfpack
    3-1 Stingrays
    2-0 Ohio Storm
    1-0 Beverly Bandits 09
    1-1 MOV Pride OH
    0-1 Outlaws*
    2-2-1 Finesse Munoz
    1-0 SGS Magic
    N/A Buckeye Charge

    Key wins:
    Finesse-Davis x 2
    Heartland Havoc Heartbreakers
    Ohio Storm 08 x 2
    Beverly Bandits Demarini 08 (#1 ranked team in Michigan)
    Stingrays 08 x 3
    Beverly Bandits 09
    MOV Pride OH
    Indiana Magic Gold- Moore
    Federation (Texas)
    MOV Pride WV x 3
    Wolfpack 08 x 3
    Team PA x 3
    Finesse-Munoz x 2
    Vikings Elite 12U
    Bo Jackson Blast Elite 12U x 2
    SGS Magic
    Ohio Emeralds x 2
    Ohio Ice Blue x 2
    Diamond Divas (Indiana)
    Knoxville Explosion (Tennessee)
    Columbus Peaches (Georgia)
    Louisville Lady Sluggers (Kentucky)
    Scrap Yard Dawgs (Texas)
    Tri State Boom (Alabama)
    Bomb Squad (Tennessee)
    Indiana Astros (Indiana)
    Firecrackers (Georgia) x 2

    We finish our season at the World Series in Columbus this weekend. Thanks everyone for a great season and good luck in 12U!
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  3. Fillie Nation

    Fillie Nation New Member

    The Strike Zone Fillies "Black" finish the season winning the Bellefontaine Bash Tournament. We were 3-0 in pool play and 3-0 in bracket play. (NWO Lady Buckeyes, West Mansfield Aftershock, and our sister team Strikezone Fillies "Blue" for the championship.)
    Cap City Champs
    Lou and Shorty Champs
    Queen City Champs
    Waverly Summer Classic Champs
    Bellefontaine Bash Champs
    Season Record....45-2
    Thanks to everyone that voted for us this season. We hope to see more of you next season with our team moving from the Fillies to the Ohio Hawks 08.
  4. Jodi

    Jodi Member

    Buckeye Charge went 6-0 this weekend winning Hope's Turn at Bat Tournament.

    Beat Ohio Ice Blue 8-4 in the championship.


    Spano Dome Runner Up to Beverly Bandits- Hool
    T-Town Show Down lost in semi's to Ohio Outlaws 5-4
    Ashland Summer Classic Runner up to Ohio Storm
    Summer Sizzler lost to MOV Pride- Ault in bracket play 5-3
    Express Knockout Champs
    Hope's Turn at Bat Champs

    Headed to the WS in Columbus this weekend.

    Competition was great this year and we got better each week having played such good teams! Thanks to everyone for the votes! Peace out 10u!!!!
  5. Stingrays08

    Stingrays08 Active Member

    Ohio Stingrays 08 leave this Tuesday for USA Nationals in Johnson City, Tennessee. Congrats to everyone last week and good luck to teams playing this week.
  6. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    Season comes to an end! 6-2 and 7th at 9U Nationals with both our losses by a total of 3 runs to the 1st and 3rd place teams— 77-44-3 was our total combined record and one successful season. I ran this team the only way I know, ran it hard and hopefully it benefits them for years to come. I really think the team peaked at the perfect time. Sad to see some really good teams move up with really great coaching. Contemplating on playing up next year a lot.

    It’ll be interesting next year as I will have basically two teams I guided/coached within the top 5. After offering 11 of the 12 back for another go, 6 of my 12 girls have decided to move organizations and form another elite team and I truly am going to miss everyone one of those girls. I wish them the best and I’ll be those girls biggest fans the rest of their life. We had exceptional families and a full-buy in of player/parent mentality. You would have to be to play the amount of games (124) and travel we did this year. I appreciate all their support and good luck.

    A few of our girls are subbing in at the WS, so I’ll be around and see some you guys there. Good luck and thanks Oiler for providing the poll year after year.
  7. Jamie Wolff

    Jamie Wolff Active Member

    I am so Proud of our Team this weekend. In our last tournament of the season we ended up 3rd in the 12U age bracket at the Celine Wyatt Memorial Tournament! We beat the Muskie Chix 3-1, Bulldogs Elite 12-2, Lady Vipers 6-5. Lost to Hawks 14-2 and eliminated by the Wolfpack 9-1.

    We ended up 73-16-2 on the year.

    Farley Memorial
    T-Town Tournament
    Co-champs at PGF Super Select Futures

    Runner ups:
    Monster Bash
    Lasers Invitational

    Final 4:
    Celine Wyatt Memorial.

    Top Wins:
    Buckeye Charge
    Ice Blue
    MOV Ohio
    MOV WV
    SGS Magic
    Silver Creek
    Finesse Davis
    Michigan Renegades
    Terror Fastpitch
    Indy Gators


    Just want to thank EVERY team on here for pushing our Team every time we stepped on the field! Your Teams, Your Coaching and Your commitment to the game of Softball made ALL of us better and I look forward to the next 8 years of competition! Best of Luck to you All...
  8. Ty Ault

    Ty Ault Member

    Mov Pride 08 Ohio- Ault
    2019 Spring/Summer the last top 16 ranked teams
    WK 12 TEAMS 9-4-1.
    Vs top 10 is 6-4-1 ,
    vs top 3 is 2-3-1,
    VS. the ONLY 2 (#1 teams) 2-1-1 record.
    I know its only 4 games vs the 2 #1 rank teams but the MovPride 08 OH had a winning record vs them both as a total.)
    " Stingrays08 (0-2) was the only team in the State of Ohio that we did not have a winning record or split with.

    Mov Pride 08 Ohio only had 1 loss to a team that was ranked lower then them.
    VS OHIO TEAMS RANKED 6th or back
    The Mov Pride 08 OH held the number 5 ranking spot most of the year.

    Next at World Series Cbus,Oh
    We had 25 game win streak
    "In that 25 game win streak we beat noteable teams"
    Laser Orange, Ohio Thunder, USSSA Pride Navy, lady rebels 08x2 , Akron Racers, Buckeye Charge08 2 X, Finesse

    USA Summer Sizzler 2019 "Champs"
    Mingo Madness "Champs"
    Jason Reed Autism Ring event "Champs"
    USSSA Mid ohio shootout "Champs "
    Pinkout Rings USA Runners up
    Battle Berliner semi final 4
    10u futures friendly Galion,oh( 5-0 ,1 of 2 only Undeafeated teams)
    Muskie chix classic (1 seed), "rain out"
    Kickoff classic semifinals Pburg,wv
    Tom Dooley ,WV 3rd place
    USSSA CENTRAL State B "1 seed(3-0)"rain"

    "2019 Spring/Summer"
    Overall record( 52-10-1)
    In state of OHIO teams- (43-4-1)
    Out of state teams( 9-6)

    "Notable Wins" records vs them
    Wolfpack 08 Wolff (1-0-1)
    Lasers Orange 08 (1-1)
    Finesse-M (1-1)
    BuckeyeCharge 08 Albertson (2x)( 2-0)
    Sgs magic 08 ,DD(1-0)
    (#4)Michigan Sabercats08 (1-0
    WV Dusters(t5 Wv) (1-0)
    Ohio Thunder08 2X (2-0)
    Akron Racers08 (1-0)
    Lady Rebels08(x2) (2-0)
    Ky Bluegrass elite (1-0)
    Usssa Navy 08 (x2) (2-0)
    Wizards gold 08 (1-0)
    C.Ohio Pride 08 (x3) (3-0)
    Mid oh lady bullets (x2) (2-0)
    Tri state thunder MD. (x2)(2-0)
    Wolf pack 08 wolff TIE,(DropDdHome)

    "Notable Loss (only 10)"
    (ALL the teams was Champs/runner up of the tournaments when we lost to them.)
    Indiana magic gold Moore
    Laser orange
    Mov pride 08 wv
    Bandits Premiere Future
    Lady Patriots 2x
    Stingrays 2x
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  9. Jamie Wolff

    Jamie Wolff Active Member


    You played the Wolfpack 3x this year...
    In the Stingray Friendly September 16 and we won 4-3.

    In the Spano Dome March 23 and we tied 2-2.

    In Storm Friendly April 7 and You guys won 3-2.
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  10. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    I think he was only referring to 2019 results though, Jamie, but I may be wrong. Failed to mention that 5-2 loss to Us indoors in February in our only meeting, but may not be counting that one since “he only had 1 in-state team he had a losing record too which was Rays08” - I do see that he claimed that 2-2 indoor Spanodome tie though to you as a selling point to gain votes.

    A very good team nonetheless, just wish they would of played their sister team MOV WV Spring/Summer schedule rather than the one they chose to play. IMO.... But Ty did say these tournaments were chosen way before the season though...
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  11. Ty Ault

    Ty Ault Member

    Wrong ,the rankings do not start until 4/29/19 in the spring. Note my records and all recordings are stated SPRING/ SUMMER. ... week 1 dont start until spring. ...this is according to how Jeff does the rankings.
    Spring started March 20th so i started keeping track from here.
    I have noticed other teans count their wins and losses against us outside of this window i have no problem and thats fine... i have not addressed it or made a statement on it. But i have been consistent with how ive posted it for the last 12 weeks. I do not know our stats or our record out side of this bc i did not know of the polls.
    Whats right and whats wrong i do not know. But again ive been consistent on how i have kept my stats and record for 12wk plus. If you choose to go back to 2018 thats fine.... But this is how im going to continue to post it for this year.

    Im not addding our wins or losses or trophies outside of the polls Past this either.
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  12. Jamie Wolff

    Jamie Wolff Active Member

    It’s fine.... lol, however you want to keep track, is ok with me! I totally missed the disclaimer at the beginning of the voting season. I apologize...
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  13. Ty Ault

    Ty Ault Member

    Its all good and i do not discredit the W or L we took previously away from Your team or other teams or even my own.

    Also some teams didnt even play a game until the SPRING. I havnt noticed anyone counting that against them. Simply why i colleceted all my data for other teams based off spring/ summer .
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  14. Stingrays08

    Stingrays08 Active Member

    Ohio Stingrays beat MOV Pride Ohio 4 times not 2.
    Stingrays Friendly 6-5
    Spano Dome 11-5
    Parkersburg 3-0 & 11-5.
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  15. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    11U is gonna be great! Lmao
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  16. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    Holy Shit I about fell out of my chair. Lol. SMH. " Wrong ,the rankings do not start until 4/29/19 in the spring. Note my records and all recordings are stated SPRING/ SUMMER. ... week 1 dont start until spring. "

    Play a best of the Best. first weekend in August or something. Following the polls all year and pretty much seen this MOV team playing in TURD tournaments trophy chasing. IF you had the schedule picked before the winter you should of looked at past results. EVERYONE knows Mingo Madness, Jason Reed Autism, USSSA Mid ohio shootout, & Pinkout always draws sub-par talent year in and year out. Go play the best with YOUR roster you picked in the Fall. I am sure these guys will share with you what tourneys they are signing up for this coming season. Challenge your kids. Stop trophy chasing at sub-par tournaments and thumping your chest. Or keep doing it to keep us entertained.
  17. Jamie Wolff

    Jamie Wolff Active Member

    No Wins count prior to April 29th... It’s in the Disclaimer that was published at the beginning of the voting season!
  18. Jamie Wolff

    Jamie Wolff Active Member

    Good Luck at Nationsls
  19. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    funniest shit I've ever heard! Jamie make sure we get that documented so we know when the wins and losses don't really count.
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  20. Passion4theGame

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    Someone has to put together a top 10 tournament as soon as possible. PLEASE! I will pay to come watch these games!

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