10U Coaches Poll FINAL WEEK (7-22-19) Get Your Votes In!!!

Discussion in 'Coaches Polls' started by oiler_pride, Jul 22, 2019.

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    “Turd” tournaments lmao
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    Never once claimed to be better then anyone or any team here. Just stating how i see it, you dont have to agree nor does anyone..jamie asked and i explained to him why...i could of Responded to him privately but i did not...but i also didnt think i would hear from the peanut gallery Ethier....apparently you did not read my comment i posted under last weeks results. To say we are trophy hunting that is your opinion(not true) and your titled to it. Im not begging or asking for votes. I simply stated my stats and records and explained to jamie why.....if you or other dont agree to that then that's fine. But to throw accusations that are not true, trophy hunting,,, we was a rec all star team last year! So yeah, we signed up for some local tournaments not knowing who the teams are.... and no i dont no what the top tournaments are called or who the top teams was when i made my schedule smh. Let it be noted! I have never got on here and called another team out for anything...oh and i could have ....but i would privately ask the coach a question first. This is not directed to you Jamie ^. I vote on what i have seen with my own 2 eyes and ive never placed my team over a team that is better, even teams we have beat i still vote them Over my team.
    So someone is voting for our girls and likes what they see, and to you thank you.

    Every week someone is picking a new team out each week to HAMMER ON! every week the 10u poll is full of comments blasting other teams... it takes the fun out of it. Again the poll is for FUN
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  4. Passion4theGame

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    Ty don't get your panties in a bunch brother. Just bustin' your balls man. I love what you coaches are building with these ball players. The competitiveness is so much better than a few years ago. Its awesome! Keep up the good work coaches! Seriously though I would recommend getting with Matt, Jamie, or Darin and find out where they are playing and challenge your team with that kind of schedule. It will only make your team better. I look at it like college Football... Strength of schedule is HUGE for the rankings.
  5. Ty Ault

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    I dont disagree with any of that.^^^;.. but to be put on blast is not far to my kids nor me. I have Never claimed or lobby for votes or tried to say the tournaments we won was power house tournaments or better then every one elses now did I? So there is no reason to call us out when all ive done for 12 weeks is post what we did , where we played, and who we beat.
    So if a coach, a parent, a fan or who ever feels they need to point out another teams stats, record, schedule and to blast them for it ( even though it is posted every week!) , shame on you.
  6. Passion4theGame

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    I don't feel the Athletes or you have been put on blast at all. Just calling it like I see it. I'm on the outside looking in. I have no dog in this fight. All i am saying is those tournaments have been around for years and we all know they pull B & C level teams. I was not trying to bash you and definitely not the Athletes. Just stating the facts. When you set your schedule in the fall you look at the previous years draw for those tournaments and or talk to other coaches. Our job as coaches it to make sure we challenge our girls week in and week out. When I see a team NOT challenging their athletes and bragging about scoring 200 runs and giving up only 2 in a weekend (Ty this isn't directed towards you) I start to question their goals for the girls and motive. It's ok to trophy chase if that's what you want to do. Just don't expect to get votes. These polls are always entertaining and I love that coaches participate. please continue to keep us entertained.
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    Here is Last week post comment ...
    passion 4 the game who i dont even know who you are.

    Ive never answered any post unless it was directed to me or my team..but here i go... i have never gave more or less info on a post about my team on purpose.
    1 thing i know for fact is my team has never ever trophy hunted. Did we play in some local tournaments, yes. This is Our first year as a travel team. Did we avoid playing any teams, absolutley Not! If you think so PM me and we will try to set up a game! I made our schedule in the fall of 2018 and paid. I actually cancelled 3 tournaments that was weak this 2019 spring so we could get in tournament's that had ranked AB teams in it. When the schedule was made i knew nothing of Ohio polls, i never heard of teams like Stingrays, wolfpack, lasers , outlaws ect until we played them at Baltimore in the fall after my schedule was set.
    To let everyone know my team was a 9u team last year 2018 that was a rec All star team. Thats right evey single one of my players on this team (all 10) played in the big bend rec league of Meigs Co ohio that has 20k people in it. We have had 2 subs all year... 1 of a friend of mines kid....She never ever played more innings then any kid on my team. And the other sub we had was bc of a injury , so we found her 1 day before the tournament and knew 0 about her! You try finding a player free july4th ...And why we didnt use our own organization kids bc the teams was also in tournaments else where at the time.
    Now do i care that other teams stack their team with subs... no not really , but does it kinda suck , yeah it does, but the way i look at it is we dont care what you do... we do US and if US is good enough to beat you then great..but if its not..we r not going to complain about it, we r going to work harder to get better....And you wont hear me complain that a team brought a sub Bc guess what , as long as she is still 10 and of age then i dont care...Bc last thing i can do is set around and worry about what other teams do or what other teams parents think about their coach bringing a sub...i got enough to worry about with my own 10 kids , then to care what other teams do. Go MovPride08Oh
  8. Ty Ault

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    Its a shame that every week the 10u poll gets blown up like this about 1 particular team! One week it was this team, next week its another.... guess its my turn this week smh
  9. Passion4theGame

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    Ty, you need a HUG? Tuck in the bottom lip and suck it up. I am just poking fun Brother. Nothing personal. I'm bored at the office and keeping entertained.
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  10. Ty Ault

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    Dont poke the bear lol
    Mess with the Bull you get the horns..lol
    All good not upset at all..just justifying myself is all. Next time you see me, introduce yourself... ill be in CBUS,OH this week if you skipped over that part in my intial post. Lol
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    Will Do.
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    Wait. I gotta go the store and get some more popcorn. On a serious note though I really think after watching all these 10u teams play any team could probably beat the other.
  13. Passion4theGame

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    I'm just wondering if the Storm coach is going to vote their team #1 again this week and leave out some really good teams???.... That was SUPER Classy!!! My opinion that team wouldn't get a single vote from me for their coaches actions.

    That is some bizarre voting from the coach that was initially missed. They vote Ohio Storm #1 after a weekend that they went 0-4-1 and then do not vote for MOV, Outlaws or Finesse to be in the top ten at all??? Seems kind of fishy.
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  14. Richard Smith

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    First, I am asking that Oiler Pride hold off on his final rankings until Monday July 29th, simply because there are 5 Ohio teams at Nationals in Tennessee this week. Especially the #3 and #4 ranked teams from last week rankings.

    Second, the Storm season started back in September, not in April. All games matter throughout the season, from September 1 through July 31. Rankings are for fun, but seems to be more geared to “what have you done lately”, because it is a weekly rankings. IMO, rankings should be based on entire season, not just a few months. Fall tournaments, winter indoor tournaments, spring and summer all should count, when ranking teams.

    Third, I think some get the wrong impression of teams posting their teams success on Social media. Nobody posts more team stats, rankings, and tournament results on Facebook than I do, good or bad. Why? Well some people think it’s bragging, or boasting, wrong. 2 reasons: 1) It’s a recruiting tool I use to inform others on our teams success and failures. Parents can read for themselves on what the Storm is doing, instead of relying on word of mouth. 2) It’s a way for me to inform sponsors, family, friends and the community on how the team is doing. We are one of the few teams in these rankings that all players are from the same county.

    Fourth, tournaments are like a crap shoot. You register, pay, and can only play the schedule you are given. We play tournaments we want, and base our schedule on the logistics, such as travel, hotel fees, and what the costs are to parents. But, we also choose a small hand full of high profile tournaments, such as PGF invitationals, Firefighter, Stingrays, etc. so I understand that high profile teams can’t play the same tournaments week in and week out and they shouldn’t. Coach Halcomb said it best a month or so ago, when he said that seeing some other teams was going to be a good change of pace.

    My advice, play the schedule you want and then add in some high profile ones. As these 10 year olds get older, most will only be playing in the high profile ones, for college exposure. We all learn as we go, but really no need to argue over whether your #1 or #20.

    One last thing, I feel the need to start a 9U and 11U rankings starting in the first week of October, run it all year. There are tournaments year round and plenty of opportunities to go play.
  15. Richard Smith

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    Well, whether you would vote for the Storm, means absolutely nothing, and we really don’t care about your opinion on how you would vote. I will tell you this, the Storm coach does not participate in these rankings. As for our team. The Storm has beat every team in these rankings except for 2 (Lasers Orange and Outlaws), beat some of these teams multiple times, some we have no hit, and some we have run ruled along the way. Pretty good for a Classic B team that just had their 2 youngest players turned 10 in the past 4 weeks, that’s right, played 90% of our games with two 9 year olds, playing against older 10U Class A teams. Not to mention all the players are from the same county and all live within 15 minutes of one another. So 6 championships, 2 runner finishes, 55 wins, 16 losses (10 of those by one run), outscored opponents 614-141, and outhit opponents 603-173. Our 3 ten year old pitchers, arguably best in the state in my opinion, pitch on a rotation, have thrown 16 no-hitters, 6 perfect games, struck out 588 batters, have a team ERA of 0.46, 1 has over 220 strikeouts on the season and the other 2 will more than likely go over the 200 strikeout mark this weekend. In 75 games against these teams, this team gave up more than 7 runs or more only 5 times and have never been run ruled. Worst season loss was 9-2 against the Wolfpack. Are they one of the top 10U teams? You bet your ass they are and whether you would vote for them doesn’t really matter. We play with class, humbleness, believe in our players, coaches and team. Our players have played and batted in every game. We really don’t care where we are ranked.
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  16. Ice Blue

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    Ohio Ice Blue played in the Hope’s Turn at bat tournament this past weekend and had a great time for a great cause in the blistering heat. We went 5-1 this weekend and finished runner up to Buckeye Charge (congrats Charge, great weekend).

    Record vs Ohio 42-17 (16 of those losses are to teams currently ranked in the top ten)
    Overall record 45-25

    We are very proud of this team, from where they came last fall till now they have showed some true resilience and battled all season. This was a new team that was put together last fall with only a few girls that had any travel ball experience. They battled through a couple significant injuries and a team illness that taught us that when the chips are down you have to lean on your teammates, dig deeper and battle harder. We wanted to play against the best the state had to offer and that we definitely got to do as we played the majority of the top ten teams multiple times this year. Thanks to all the coaches and teams for a great year we look forward to competing for years to come.

    We are finishing up the season this weekend at the World Series. Good luck to everyone that is headed down there this weekend and also to everyone that is representing Ohio softball elsewhere.
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  17. Passion4theGame

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    This is great and all but why the fishy voting last week after Stingrays? It had to be a representative for the Storm team to vote like that last week. Just made your team to look like some sour sore losers in my opinion.

    Again my opinion means nothing just like urs about having the 3 best pitchers in the state. Little bias but that’s ok. Once again I have no dog in this fight I just really enjoy the game and very happy to see young talent coming up.
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    Well, according to some- you will have 9 months after this week to prepare for the next polls! LMAO
    Lot of good softball this fall that a lot of people going to be missing out on, or forgetting about! Muhahahahaha
  19. Fastpitch_CoachJay

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    You get 10 guesses on which team this is and only #7 counts.....

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    Don’t kid yourself, congrats on your championship, but you know where “real” nationals are, even your older teams will tell you that. Empire State in the ship isn’t even close, better look up Birmingham Thunderbolts, EC Bullets, GA Impact, TN Mojo see where they are for Nationals.. win there and then you have mass respect.

    1. PGF Nationals
    2. USAES Nationals

    Everyone else
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