10U Coaches Poll FINAL WEEK (7-22-19) Get Your Votes In!!!

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  1. Fastpitch_CoachJay

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    Thanks and are those two where the 10U full-ride scholarships are given out?

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  2. I would hold a top 10 tournament IF all teams in final top 10 committed. Cost TBD, location TBD....6 GG 2 polls of 5, play 4PP in to double elim....bring your roster or subs if you don't have the pitching :) ALL games 7 innings Poll A will be odd number rankings, Poll B even number rankings (vote accordingly if you're scared of PP).....
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  3. VE_05

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    I’ll get all the college coaches there to give out scholarships..

    So I’ve been seeing the 10u polls get more attention then the tryout forum in the last three weeks. And I dont have a dog in the fight.

    I do find it amazing, and not just these postings, but how much softball has become more about the parents then it has the kids.

    Good luck to all the 10u girls who got offered full rides this year. Because according to the post in here, there was lots of scholarships given out. Lol
  4. 24GahannaLadyLions7

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    This gets mentioned every year and won’t happen into August. Usually this tournament you mentioned takes place every year at the Stingray Showcase. Even though costly, it’s usually the state tournament for Ohio teams and immediate outside teams. Declining numbers these past few years, when they used to hold 24, now this year down to 16. Never any 9U teams were in it except the host 9U Stingray team. The re-emergence of its hay-day and this tournament could take the place of the before mentioned best of the best tournament.
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  5. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    Just where the best are and again, your Eastern USSSA is still a nice championship to get. Nice season you guys had and good luck next year, see you in two years.
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  6. Fastpitch_CoachJay

    Fastpitch_CoachJay New Member

    I think there's tough competition spread out everywhere and at 10U, a trip to the beach is definitely the vote getter by 10 year old girls.

    And coach, your team had a fantastic season and deserves all the praises that they have gotten this year in all of their successes.
  7. Stacey Schmeltz

    Stacey Schmeltz New Member

    I think people get entirely too worked up about this "poll". No one is going to ask these girls where their 10u team ranked in week 6 of 2019 when they are trying to be recruited for college in 7 or 8 years.
    Some of you are really on an ego trip. We all know who the top organizations are going to be year in and year out. And we all know there are sleeper teams out there that could whip any of the top teams but they're doing their own thing or staying local because it's what works best for them.
    We all know there are unspoken "rules" that lose you respect in the softball world. And no matter how long your posts are, or how many different fonts you use, or how you try to dress up or down your record, at the end of the day everyone is going to have a different opinion and every opinion will have bias.
    Just focus on your girls and quit worrying about how a handful of coaches decided to rank each other during the week. Best of luck to everyone finishing up this week and can't wait for 12u to start!
  8. Passion4theGame

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    Based on my unbiased opinion I would like to roll out "The FINAL TOP 10" 10u teams this season! Congratulations coaches! Now I know some of you will not agree but that's ok. 1 and 2 is a very close race.

    1. Ohio Lasers Orange
    2.Ohio Wolfpack '08
    3. Ohio Outlaws-williams
    4. Stingrays '08
    5. Beverly Bandits Demarini '09
    6. Finesse-munoz
    7. Ohio Storm '08
    8. MOV Pride '08 ault
    8. Buckeye Charge
    10. SGS Magic
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  9. Stacey Schmeltz

    Stacey Schmeltz New Member

    I definitely don't agree, but like I already said, these polls mean nothing.
  10. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    Where did I go wrong??
  11. Stacey Schmeltz

    Stacey Schmeltz New Member

    What's your reasoning behind your 3 and 4?
  12. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well I went off of the barometric pressure outside today and last weeks results.

    Very strong team and it was tough for me to make my decision. A lot of carful calculations went into this decision and after some serious calculus and geometry that’s the top 10 I came up with.

    Ohio Stingrays 08 went 3-3 this weekend at the Stingrays Showcase.
    Pool Play:
    Beat USSSA Pride Red 5-1
    Beat Indiana Mustangs 7-1
    Lost to Ohio Outlaws Futures 10-3
    Lost to Team PA 2-0
    Bracket Play:
    Beat Ohio Ice Blue 9-1
    Lost to Team PA 6-5

    Overall Record: 63-27-2


    On a Serious note: I am just having fun here. I have watched quite a few 10u games this season and I can honestly say 1-5 some of the best 10u ball I have ever seen! Amazing job coaches and very excited for these young ladies and teams moving forward. I know a few of these coaches and highly respect them and what they have accomplished. I get a kick out of these polls every week because it’s a lot of chest thumping. At the end of the day it’s those young ladies on the field that are getting it done. In my eyes ALL the young athletes on these teams deserve a top 10 vote. Keep up the good work coaches and thank you for the entertainment every week!
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  13. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    Dang, I really would of like to see what Outlaws would of done at Rays without outside influence. They have the team to make a run, but both of starting P were getting hit in our quarterfinal game - Sub P came in and shut door. Not saying we would of beat OO, but I think it would of mattered later in the day. That’s my opinion and only can speculate. I think Passion has it close, plus Stacey I would of loved another shot at you guys, then again I bet Munoz would of loved another shot at us.
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  14. Stacey Schmeltz

    Stacey Schmeltz New Member

    Here's why I disagree. Stingrays and Outlaws have played twice. They have split 1-1. The first time they played was at PGF in May. The second was at Stingrays where a sub pitcher from the Bandits premier team was used extensively. I would flip the 3 and the 4.

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