10U Coaches Poll Pre Season (3-1-20) Get Your Votes In !!!

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    10U Coaches,

    Submit your top 10 to me by Wednesday night 11pm. Remember to include your name and team you are representing. You must be a coach or designated representative of your team in order to vote.
    Must include teams #1-10 in your vote

    You can PM me or email me at my EMAIL ADDRESS : jeffreylsteiner@gmail.com
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    Use this thread to post results from this weekend if you played or to post a little about your team with fall or indoor results that will help voters make informed decisions.
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  3. 24GahannaLadyLions7

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    Beverly Bandits DeMarini 09 had a great Fall and start to the Spring season. We finished 5th in last years 10U poll as a true 9U team and we added a few pieces to make a great run through the Spring and Summer season. I will say that I am really impressed with the amount of 09 talent there is in the state of Ohio and it will be a fun competitive Spring/Summer Season. We do a lot of work outside the state of Ohio, but we do have a few of the big Ohio tournaments on our schedule. 10 of 12 of my girls are from the state of Ohio within 1.5 hr of each other, I have 1 Indiana girl who joined us from our Sister team in Chicago who ended up folding and a part-time Illinois girl who will be at most of our PGF tournaments who also was from the sister team. We are currently undefeated against teams in the state of Ohio, 9 or 10 of those Wins will be against teams getting votes in the Ohio polls. Congrats to Kobe Johnson's Outlaws for winning the Championship vs Ohio Ice Purple at Spano today. Alot of great teams were at Spano and a few teams that made some people turn their heads and now are on the watch list. Again we would like to wish everyone good luck in their preseason preparations and see you at the ballfields.

    Current Record : 27-6-2
    10U Record : 23-4-1
    12U Record : 4-2-1

    2019 Fall and 2020 to date: Undefeated vs Ohio teams - 18-0
    Ohio Outlaws 09 Johnson W 5-1
    *Ohio Outlaws o9 Johnson W 12-1
    Ohio Outlaws 09 Johnson W 5-4
    Ohio Emeralds 09 Williamson W 10-1
    *Ohio Emeralds 09 Williamson W 14-1
    *SGS Magic 09 Hall W 10-1
    Ohio Lasers Blue 10 Binkley W 10-1
    Ohio Lasers Blue 10 Binkley W 11-0
    USSSA Pride Elite Red Barnett W 14-0
    KLA Athletics 10U Ledbetter- W 20-1
    LC Lightning 10U Chevalier- W 15-0
    *HH Roadwarrios 10U - W 14-1
    *Ohio Thunder 09 - W 13-1
    Buckeye Heat 09 Lilly - W 18-0
    12U - Ohio Emeralds 08 - W 9-2
    12U - Central Ohio Pride 08 - W 8-5
    12U - KL Athletics 08 - W 3-1
    12U - KL Athletics 07 - W 17-3
    *tourney wins

    Bluegrass Force 09 - L 9-2
    Chicago Batbusters 09 - L 8-5
    Indiana Gators 09 - L 8-6 PGF Toledo Championship Game
    Indiana Magic Gold 09 - L 5-2
    12U - Michigan Finesse Davis09 - L 5-2
    12U - Michigan Motor City Madness 07 - L 13-2

    2020 Schedule
    Mar 29-29 PGF Beverly Bandits Spring Invitational Bowling Green, KY
    Apr 4-5 Gators/Gold Invitational Greenwood, IN
    May 1-3 PGF Super Select Showdown Columbia, TN
    May 9-10 Outlaws Breast Cancer Shootout Columbus, OH
    May 16-17 PGF Showdown Crown Point, IN
    May 22-24 ASA Firefighters Memorial Columbus, OH
    Jun 6-7 USSSA North vs South Georgetown, KY
    Jun 12-14 Laser National Invitational Columbus, OH
    Jun 19-21 PGF Mojo Music City Invitational Nashville, TN
    Jul 4-5 TBD
    Jul 10-12 Stingrays Summer Showcase Columbus, OH
    Jul 25 Michigan Finesse PGF Tune-up 3gg Toledo, OH
    Aug 2-9 PGF Nationals Huntington Beach, CA
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  4. Rick Plant

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    Thunder Elite 09 (Plant)
    Current fall/winter record: 23-4

    Thunder Elite fall league champions with a record of 10-1.

    Pumpkin Smash 3-2
    Lost to Ice Purple in semis 0-3.

    Valley Extreme Haunted Trail 5-0
    Beat Phantoms 4-2 in championship.

    Spano Dome 5-1
    Lost to Ice Purple in semi finals 2-4.
    Beat Stingrays 09 5-4
    Beat Emeralds (Williamson) 5-4

    Our spring/summer schedule:
    4/24 Y-Town Mayhem
    5/8 Wolfpack Mother’s Day
    5/15. May Mayhem Rootstown
    5/29. Perfect Storm
    6/5. D1 Super Select McCune Fields
    6/12. Lasers
    6/26. Steel Valley Storm
    7/10. Stingrays
  5. bradbarnett05

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    The OH USSSA Pride Red ’09 team had a great Fall and Winter of friendlies, tournaments, practices and preparation for the upcoming 2020 season. We unfortunately didn’t play as many games in the Fall as I would have liked, mostly driven by two tournaments we were scheduled to be in that got cancelled. This would have given us at least another 8-10 games. I’m looking forward to competing against all of you and appreciate the friendships I’ve built with this group of 10U coaches!

    2019 Fall Season Results (friendlies and tourneys)
    Beverly Bandits/USSSA Pride Red Fall Friendlies (0-3)
    L 14-0 vs Beverly Bandits
    L 4-1 vs Lasers Blue
    L 11-7 vs OH Emeralds '09

    USA Turf Wars Tournament (2-2)
    W 11-2 vs Lasers Blue
    L 10-0 vs Outlaws Johnson
    W 11-5 vs WV Firestix
    L 15-1 vs Outlaws Johnson

    USA Fang-Tactular Tournament (2-2)
    W 9-5 vs Wicked 10U
    L 14-7 vs Bulldawgs Elite
    W 8-5 vs Central OH Storm ‘10
    L 9-0 vs Stingrays ‘09

    2020 Spring/Summer Season
    3/14: USA 10U Eastern National Qualifier
    4/11: USA Battle at Berliner
    4/18-4/19: USA 10U Futures
    4/25-4/26: USSSA Angels for Autism
    5/22-5/24: Firefighters Memorial
    6/5-6/7: USA Midwest Elite
    6/13-6/14: USSSA Central States
    6/19-6/21: USA 10U States
    7/3-7/5: GAPSS
    7/10-7/12: Stingrays Showcase
    TBD: Nationals
  6. Chris Clapper

    Chris Clapper New Member

    Wicked 10U has had a great start to our fall and winter season. We are a second year 10U team consisting of (11) girls, (4) of which have 2010 birthdates. (4) of our girls are new to the team this season. We finished 2nd in the Phantoms Winter Bash in Garrettsville, OH and finished 1st in the USSSA National Qualifier “Queens of the Turf” in Mount Vernon, OH. I have been with this group of girls for (3) seasons now, this being my first year as their head coach. Trying to help these girls become better players, teammates and human beings is my passion and focus. I normally am not one that focuses on rankings and records; however, our girls have been working extremely hard and have improved a great deal since last season. The girls of Wicked 10U have proven this fall and winter that they can compete against higher level competition and have already reached goals that they haven’t in the past. We are excited to see these girls improve and reach their full potential.

    Current Record: 10-5-1

    Phantoms Winter Bash (2nd place finish)

    Queens of Turf USSSA National Qualifier (1st place finish)

    2019 Fall and 2020 to date:


    JABC Riot 09’ 7-3

    Ashland Blaze 17-5

    Black Widows 27-2

    Ohio Phantoms 4-2

    Ohio Emeralds 09’ 2-0

    Ohio Blast 6-4

    Central Ohio Pride 7-3

    Lightning Blue 10U 3-2

    Ohio Storm 09’ 5-1

    Ohio Emeralds 09’ 10-0


    Ohio Emeralds 09’ 2-3

    Ohio Ice Purple 3-5

    Ohio USSSA Pride Red 5-9

    Ohio Emeralds 09’ 0-2

    Ohio Storm 09’ 3-5


    Ohio Emeralds 09’ 1-1

    2020 Schedule

    January 4-5 Queens of Turf USSSA National Qualifier Mt. Vernon, OH

    April 18-19 7th Annual Future Stars Galion, OH

    April 25-26 Central Ohio Angles for Autism Heath, OH

    May 9-10 Mother’s Day Challenge Marion, OH

    May 16-17 Cay City Challenge Whitehall, OH

    May 22-24 Wins for Warriors Whitehall, OH

    June 19-21 Class C State Whitehall, OH

    July 8-12 Great Lakes National Championships Canton, MI

    July 31-2 Grand Slam Finale Heath, OH
  7. TTrbovich

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    Ohio Ice Purple 09 (Trbovich)

    We are excited to be a part of the poll this year. There is so much talent in the 10u division and we are excited to get the opportunity to compete against everyone. We are looking forward to the upcoming season. Our girls have been working since September and we are hoping they can continue to improve and enjoy this great game.

    Current Record : 25-4

    Notable Wins
    JABC Riot 09 W 13-1
    Wicked 09 W 5-3
    Ohio Storm 09 W 8-2
    OH Outlaws 9U W 18-5
    Thunder Elite 09(Plant) W 3-0
    Ohio Monsters W 10-5
    Buckeye Heat 09 W 8-2
    Buckeye Heat 09 W 15-4
    Ohio Phantoms W 4-1
    Ohio Outlaws(Frengel) W 3-1
    Team PA(Madison) W 5-1
    Ohio Phantoms W 7-0
    Ohio Phantoms W 7-0
    River City Venom W 9-5
    Ohio Warriors W 16-1
    Ohio Phantoms W 8-0
    Ohio Monsters W 4-3
    Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners W 9-1
    Ohio Emeralds 09 W 7-0
    Thunder Elite 09(Plant) W 4-2

    2019 Pumpkin Smash Champions
    GPlex December tournament Champions
    Wounded Warrior Champions
    2020 Spano tourney 2nd place

    Harrison Heat L 4-2
    Outlaws Johnson 8-1
    Outlaws Johnson 8-0
    Outlaws Johnson 7-0

    Spring/Summer Schedule
    March 21-Wolfpack Friendly at Spano Dome
    March 27-29 Hall of Fame tourney Canton, Ohio
    April 18-19 Future Stars Galion, Ohio
    April 24-25 YTown Mayhem Youngstown, Ohio
    May 22-24 Firefighters Columbus, Ohio
    May 29-31 T-Town Showdown Tallmadge, Ohio
    June 5-7 D1 Super Select
    June 12 Lasers(Pending)
    June 19-21 Sheer Madness North Ridgeville, Ohio
    July 10-12 Stingrays
    July 17 Midwest College Softball Showcase North Ridgeville, Ohio
  8. Wolfpack31

    Wolfpack31 Active Member

    Ohio Wolfpack 09
    11 Players, All 09 players… Team played it’s first games since October this past weekend at the Spano. While we were understandably rusty at the plate and got knocked out earlier than we wanted, we were proud of our pitching staff and defense for allowing no runs for our 5 Spano games…

    Seen some very impressive 10u softball this past weekend at the Spano dome. I did not get to see everyone play however the teams that stood out from what I did see were the Outlaws 09, Outlaws Futures, Ice Purple, Thunder Elite 09, Phantoms, Stingrays 09, Emeralds 09… That is not to discount the others who attended. I witnessed some very strong pitchers and some major bombs being hit in there….

    Should be a great upcoming season for everyone. Best of luck to all!

    Fall & Winter Record

    Finesse 10’ (4-3)
    Finesse 10u (6-1)
    Finesse 10u (12-0)
    Emeralds 09 (12-3)
    Finesse 10’ (5-0)
    Stingrays 09 (8-1)
    FAM 09” (14-4)
    Wizards Elite (8-1)
    Outlaws Futures (13-4)
    Silver Creek Starz (13-5)
    Outlaws Future (17-0)
    Outlaws Futures (1-0)
    Silver Creek Starz (3-0)
    Mavericks (7-0)
    Lady Lookouts (9-0)


    Finesse Davis (4-7)
    Indiana Gators 09 (0-2) 8 innings)
    Lasers Blue (5-6)

    Emeralds 09 (4-4)
    Phantoms (0-0) (More runners to 2b)

    2020 Spring/Summer Season


    Wolfpack Spano Friendly - Spano

    Battle @ Berliner - Columbus
    Futures Friendly – Ontario

    Breast Cancer Shootout – Berliner
    Firefighters Memorial – Berliner
    T-Town Showdown – Tallmadge

    D1 Super Select – Canfield
    Lasers Tournament – Berliner
    Aunt Rosie’s Tournament – Amherst, NY
    Black Widows – Ashland

    Stingrays – Columbus
    Midwest Showcase - North Ridgeville or Emeralds 09 Tournament – Canton
    Wolfpack 09 Tournament – Tallmadge
    World Series - Berliner
  9. swilliamson22

    swilliamson22 Member

    Ohio Emeralds’09

    We are a first year 2009 team that has played most games with 8/9 players total. In that time of development we have secured a bid to USSSA Nationals with a runner up finish at Queen of the Turf as well as winning Phantoms tourney. We have developed quickly as the girls are starting to learn to play together. They have learn quickly on the fly, competing with the best teams in the state and Midwest. We have not backed down from anyone and will gladly play anytime/anywhere to compete to get better. Thank you for considering us for the weekly poll and best of luck this season. We have had the opportunity of playing most the teams that should be considered for this poll (in no order).
    Beverly Bandits 2x, Indiana Gators, Wolfpack 09 3x, Ice Purple, wicked 5x, Phantoms 3x, USSSA Red, Stingrays 2x, Ohio Storm 09 2x, Ohio Storm 10, outlaws Homan, Thunder Elite, Monsters, and others.

    Fall schedule:
    Emeralds Friendly
    Best of the Best
    Wicked friendly
    Black Widows NQ
    PGF Fall Future Stars

    winter schedule:
    Phantom invitational- Champions
    Queen of the Turf NQ - runner-up
    Wounded Warrior amputee
    Hall of Fame 10u

    Battle of Berliner
    Storm future Stars
    Emerald invitational friendly (tentative)

    Mogadore NQ
    May Mayhem
    Firefighters Memorial

    Midwest elite invitational
    Cedar Point Coaster Classic
    10u State tourney

    Emeralds showdown
    Wolfpack invitational
    USA Nationals (Findley, Oh)
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  10. Chad Dennis

    Chad Dennis New Member

    Stingrays 09 had a great fall season and our spring season has opened with a nice showing at the Spano Dome against some outstanding competition last weekend. Our fall season started off with a final four finish at the PGF in Maumee and ended with a tournament championship win at the Fangtangular event in Fredricktown in October. Stingrays 09 focused on adding power and speed to the lineup and it showed as this team had 130 stolen bases and 23 extra base hits in just 19 games. This group is still learning to play together with the addition of 6 new players to this years roster, but all signs point to a group of girls that love the game and play extremely hard for one another. Super excited to see this group grow together and compete at a high level this season.

    Current Record: 13 Wins- 6 Losses

    Lasers Blue 11-2
    Ohio Emeralds 12-10
    FAM 4-3
    Ohio Emeralds 6-3
    Lasers Blue 10-8
    LC Thunder 19-0
    Lady Panthers 7-0
    Black Widows 14-0
    USSSA Pride Elite 9-0
    Ohio Bulldogs Elite 14-4
    WV Dusters 7-1
    Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners 9-1
    Ohio Monsters 2-1

    Ohio Outlaws 12-2
    Ohio Wolfpack 8-1
    Finesse 09-Davis. 3-2
    Indiana Gatos 09 Baldwin 9-3
    Ohio Outlaws 09 6-0
    Thunder Elite 5-4

    Tournament Schedule
    October, 2019- PGF Maumee- Final 4
    October, 2019- Fredricktown ENQ- Champions
    February, 2020-Spano Dome- 3 wins, 2 losses
    April 18, 2020-USA Futures
    May 5,2020- Northern Kentucky Bandits Royal Rumble
    May 23,2020- Firefighters
    May 30,2020- Ashland Spring Classic
    June 6,2020- FASA State Championship-Victory Park
    June 13,2020-SGS Toledo Tuneup
    June 27,2020-Play w Passion 12u
    July 10,2020-Stingrays Showcase
    July 25,2020-Celine Wyatt Memorial
    July 31,2020-All-Sanctioned W.S.- Berliner
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  11. mhoman14

    mhoman14 New Member

    OH Outlaws 9u Futures - Homan has had a great start from fall through winter. We are a new, young, first year team and are excited about being a part of this voting process and playing some of the best teams Ohio and surrounding area has to offer. We are focused on player development & team chemistry and will be playing a good schedule for a young team in the spring/summer. I am very pleased with how we played at the Spano Tournament over the weekend and with that being said, Congrats to Outlaws 09 Johnson and Ohio Ice Purple for making it to the final. I stayed to watch that game and it was a good one. We have been working very hard over the winter months together and it has been showing every time we step onto the field together. We are excited to get outside once the weather breaks and we wish everyone the best of luck this season!

    Fall Schedule/Scores:
    First Round Showdown - Berliner
    Loss vs Lasers Blue 7-2
    Win vs Stingrays 10' 16-1
    Loss vs Storm 10' 4-3

    Phantoms Memorial - Brimfield
    Win vs Emeralds 10' 14-1
    Win vs Phantoms 2-1
    Win vs Emeralds 10' 12-0
    Win vs Phantoms 9-4

    Diamond Chix Pumpkin Smash - North Ridgeville
    Win vs Xplosive 09' 9-4
    Loss vs Ice Purple 18-5
    Win vs Hit Moment 22-3
    Win vs Xplosive 09' 10-4
    Loss vs Monsters 5-2

    Turf Wars - Berliner

    Win vs Storm 10' 11-2
    Loss vs Wolfpack 09' 13-4
    Win vs Central OH Pride 9-5
    Loss vs Wolfpack 09' 15-0

    OH Ice Friendly - Youngstown
    Win vs Ice Purple 8-7
    Win vs Ice Gray 11-9
    Win vs Lady Rebels 12-5

    Overall Fall Record: 12-4

    Winter Schedule/Scores:

    Queen of the Turf - Mt.Vernon
    Win vs Intensity 09' 6-1
    Win vs OH Sting 15-0
    Loss vs Storm 09' 4-3

    Outlaw Invitational - RAW New Castle PA
    Loss vs Silver Creek 09' 11-0
    Win vs NC BlackOut 8-0
    Tie vs PA Elite 4-4
    Loss vs Harrison City Heat 4-0

    Spano Dome - Akron
    Loss vs Wolfpack 09' 1-0
    Win vs Mavericks Fastpitch 21-0
    Win vs Silver Creek Prospects 7-0
    Win vs Ice Gray 16-1
    Loss vs Outlaws 09' Johnson 6-0

    Overall Winter Record: 6-5-1
    We are still scheduled to play in 3 more indoor tournaments including this weekend at the Swing into Spring - G-Plex in Garrettsville, next weekend at The Pavilion in Mt.Vernon and the last week of March in Toledo at the Rossford Dome.

    Spring/Summer Schedule:
    * Battle @ Berliner - Columbus, OH
    * 2020 Future Stars Event - Galion, OH

    * Mid OH Shootout USSSA Qualifier - Sparta, OH
    * Battle at the Creek USSSA Qualifier - Beavercreek, OH
    * Firefighters Memorial - Berliner Columbus, OH

    * Outlaws D1 Super Select - Canfield, OH
    *10u USA State Tournament - Lancaster, OH

    * Fastballs & Fireworks - Pickerington, OH
    * USSSA Nationals - Gulf Shores, Alabama

  12. Kobe Johnson

    Kobe Johnson New Member

    Ohio Outlaws 09 Johnson have had a great Fall/Winter season. We will play the best schedule possible and will do lots of traveling down South. We were at Spano this past weekend and played a lot of good teams. There is a lot of talent in this 09 group and also a lot of talent on the 2010 teams. We are looking forward to competing against the best every weekend and developing our girls every week. We are headed south this weekend to Alabama, hopefully the girls bats stay as hot as they have been! Good luck to all the teams this year, hope everyone has a great year!

    2020 Fall/Winter

    Ohio Outlaws 09 has only lost to 1 Ohio team

    Next at USSSA TURF WARS, Birmingham, Alabama vs. Class A

    Overall Record- 34-10-1

    2020 Record- 16-2

    In state Record- 21-3-1

    Out of state - 13-7


    First Round Showdwn Berliner "Champs"

    Turf Wars Berliner "Champs"

    E.National Q. Spano Dome "Champs"

    Winter Outlaws Invitational "RunnerUp"

    "Notable Wins" records vs them

    Ohio Ice 09 Purple x3

    Ohio Stingrays 09 x2

    Lasers Blue x4

    Ohio Phantoms x1

    Wv Dusters 09 x3(T-Revert back 8-3/ 3-3)

    Pitt Lady Roadrunners 09

    Harrison CityHeat(ChampsW.OutlawsInv)

    Chattanooga Force 09

    Vexus 09

    Michigan Batbusters 09

    FAM 09

    Wizards Elite09

    Heartland Havoc 09

    Some Notable Losses

    Beverly Bandits 09

    Va Shamrocks 09

    Ky Chrome 09

    In Magic Gold 09

    SMASH 10:31

    Atlanta Vipers Elite 09

    Harrison City Heat 1-0 in 8 innings Champs of the Outlaws Invitational
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  13. Lasers Blue 2010

    Lasers Blue 2010 New Member

    Ohio Lasers Blue 2010

    Current Record (including friendlies): 12-11-1

    We are a 2010 team, and our record may be close to .500 but we have challenged ourselves by playing against the best. Our schedule so far has included (with friendlies):

    Ohio Outlaws 09 Johnson 6x
    Bandits 09 Bailey 2x
    Ohio Stingrays 09 2x
    USSSA Pride Red 09 2x
    Ohio Wolfpack 09

    L Ohio Outlaws 09 Johnson
    W USSSA Pride Red 09 Barnett
    L Ohio Stingrays 09 Dennis

    First Round Showdown - Berliner - Runner Up

    Pool Play
    W 16-4 Ohio Stingrays 10
    W 7-2 Ohio Outlaws 10 Homan

    Bracket Play
    W 13-0 Ohio Stingrays 10
    W 6-2 Kentucky Premier 09
    L 12-0 Ohio Outlaws 09 Johnson

    W Central Ohio Pride
    L Beverly Bandits Demarini 09 Bailey
    L LC Lightning

    PGF Fall Futures - Toledo

    Pool Play
    T 4-4 Ohio Outlaws 09 Johnson
    W 6-1 Michigan Batbusters 10u
    W 7-2 Wizards Elite 09 Smith

    L 10-8 Ohio Stingrays 09 Dennis

    Turf Wars - Berliner - Runner Up

    Pool play
    L 9-0 Ohio Outlaws 09 Johnson
    L 9-2 USSSA Pride Red 09 Bennett


    W 7-1 Cinci Doom 10u
    W 7-6 Ohio Bulldogs Elite 10u
    W 5-4 Ohio Wolfpack 09
    L 9-1 Ohio Outlaws 09 Johnson

    L Bandits 09 Bailey
    W Buckeye Heat 09
    L Ohio Outlaws 09 Johnson

    2020 Schedule

    Pot o Gold
    Bowling Green Ky


    Battle at Berliner

    Angels for Autism


    Cinco De Mayo
    Greenwood Indiana




    Laser Nation

    ASA State


    Lewis Center

    USSSA Nationals
    Gulf Shores Alabama
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  14. Lclightning9

    Lclightning9 New Member

    LC Lighting Blue 10u

    Fall and Winter---5-1
    We played in Lighting Fall Strikes tournament---finished First
    Winter-Played at the Pavilion 10u Turf Queens
    Ohio Stingrays--'10 x2
    Ohio Storm '09
    Valley Storm
    Mt. Vernon Mayhem
    Vikings Elite 10u

    Wicked 3-2

    This seasons Schedule:
    April --Battle at Berliner
    Angels for Autism -Heath

    May- Mother's Day Challenge-Marion
    Buckeye Cup--Marion

    June-Midwest Elite Invite Showcase-Pickerington
    Toledo Tune-up-Maumee
    Mingo Madness-Logan

    July- Fastpitch and Fireworks--Pickerington
    SEAA World Series--Pigeon Forge, TN
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  15. bucksmom40

    bucksmom40 New Member

    We are excited to be a part of this poll as we are an up and coming team. We are a local team who is broadening our schedule this season after our 1st year together. We have a great group of hard working girls with a strong pitching staff. We are looking forward to this upcoming season!

    Phantoms Friendly-
    Monsters v Phantoms (won)
    Monsters v Ohio Outlaws Futures (won)
    Monsters v Emeralds Williamson (loss)

    Black Widows National Qualifier
    Monsters 18 v KSA 0
    Monsters 15 v Mavericks 2
    Monsters 9 v JABC 3
    Monsters 1 v Finesse 9U 3

    Pumpkin Smash- Runner Up
    Monsters 16 v Mavericks 1
    Monsters 10 v Explosives 4
    Monsters 3 v Thunder Elite 0
    Monsters 7 v Ohio Outlaws Futures 2
    Monsters 5 v Ohio Ice Purple 10

    Akron Spano Dome
    Monsters 5 v Phantoms 0
    Monsters 3 v Ohio Ice Purple 4
    Monsters 15 v Warriors 2
    Monsters 1 v Stingrays '09 2

    4/18-4/19 Future Stars
    5/23-24 Firefighters Memorial Tournament
    5/29-5/31 T-Town Showdown
    6/6-6/7 Maple Leaf West
    6/12-6/14 Toledo Tune Up
    6/27-6/28 Monsterball
    7/3-7/5 Explosive Firework Frenzy
    7/10-7/12 Loudonville
    7/15-7/19 NSA Central World Series, KY
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