10U Coaches Poll Week #1 (6-1-20) Get Your Votes In!!!

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  1. oiler_pride

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    Softball is back in some parts of Ohio... Maybe not all 10U teams played last weekend, but I know many that did. Lets get the Polls started !

    10U Coaches,

    Submit your top 10 to me by Wednesday night 11pm. Remember to include your name and team you are representing. You must be a coach or designated representative of your team in order to vote.
    Must include teams #1-10 in your vote.

    I will post results around Noon on Thursday.

    You can PM me or email me at my EMAIL ADDRESS : jeffreylsteiner@gmail.com
  2. swilliamson22

    swilliamson22 Member

    Ton of great teams came out to OhioEmeralds’09 May friendly this weekend. #7 OhioEmeralds’09, #2 Outlaws ‘09 Johnson, #11Monsters 10u, Racers’09, #18USSSA Pride Red, #19Ohio Storm ‘10, Lady Rebels, #8Phantoms 10u, #10Lasers Blue, #9Ohio Outlaws’10 Homan, Ohio Outlaws’09 Fregal, Ohio Blast, Team Pa, Silver Creek Prospects 9u and some others were all in attendance! Competition was great and each team was offered 7 games to start the season! OhioEmeralds’09 was lucky enough to get 8 games over 36 hours going 6-2. We out scored our opponents 52-25, while playing 8 tough games, including #2Ohio Outlaws’09 Johnson, #11Monsters 10u, #19Ohio Storm 2010 which were ranked in the top 20 preseason rank!
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  3. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    Beverly Bandits DeMarini 09
    Coaches: Matt Bailey & Dale Carr

    Current Record 36-7-3
    18 games at the 12U Level - 13-3-2
    28 games at the 10U Level - 23-4-1

    21-1 vs 10/12U Ohio Teams
    Only Loss - 3-2 Cincy Slammers 07

    7-0 Results vs Top 10 in Ohio

    Really enjoyed getting back on the dirt these past 2 weekends. Still working out some kinks, but played some really good ball at times. Love seeing some great ball being played up all over the state especially in the North this past weekend with the Perfect Storm, Ashland, and Emeralds events. I heard nothing but great things about those 3 events and some great 10U Ball being played. We have traveled these past two weekends and played up in 12U, 1st to St.Louis in the USSSA Jim Lowry Memorial and last weekend down in Cincinnati to the Patriot at MVP Sportspark. I will say that playing with that big sponge against some incoming 8th graders with my newly 6th/5th graders is no joke. Pitchers did really well adjusting to the bigger ball, but around half of my 45 games have been 12U... back down to 10U this weekend to the D1 Super Select in Canfield. Ice Purple, Wolfpack, TE, Frengel, Homan, SC and Team PA is a really a great team list. Appreciate Emna Wolf and the Outlaws organization for hosting the event.

    Champions 5-1 USSSA The Patriot 12U
    W - 10-3 vs IN Thunderstruck 08
    L - 3-2 vs OH Cincy Slammers 07
    W - 15-0 vs Springfield Heat 12U
    W - 3-2 ITB vs OH Cincy Slammers 07
    W - 9-2 IN Thunderstruck 08
    W- 2-1 IN Thunderstruck 08

    Rained Out USSSA Jim Lowry 12U STL, MO
    W - 7-1 St. Louis Naturals 08
    W - 4-3 Semo Smashers 07

    12U Friendlies in STL, MO
    W - 12-1 St. Louis Chaos Perone 09
    W - 7-5 Louisville Sluggers Clark 09

    21-1 vs 10/12U Ohio Teams
    Only Loss - 3-2 Cincy Slammers 07

    7-0 Results vs Top 10 in Ohio
    #2 Ohio Outlaws Johnson = W5-1, W12-1**, W5-4
    #3 Ohio Ice Purple Trbovich = never played
    #4 Thunder Elite Plant = never played
    #5 Ohio Stingrays Dennis = never played
    #6 Ohio Wolfpack Fogle = never played
    #7 Ohio Emeralds Williamson = W10-1, W14-1**
    #8 Ohio Phantoms Berry = never played
    #9 Ohio Outlaws Homan = never played
    #10 Ohio Lasers Blue Binkley = W10-1, W11-0

    ** Tournament Wins
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  4. Rick Plant

    Rick Plant New Member

    It was a great weekend to get back on the diamond this past weekend. Thunder Elite 09 competed in our own Perfect Storm in Youngstown.

    TE 09-14
    Steel City Cyclones-1

    Ohio Ice Purple-3

    ROC Elite-0

    Steel Valley Storm-1

    River City Venom-0

    Championship game was a great game between us and Ohio Ice Purple! It was back and forth the whole game, a battle that was fun to be a part of. Ice ended up winning in the bottom of the 7th, 6-5.

    This coming weekend should be a great weekend filled with amazing competition at D1 Super Select in Canfield!
  5. Mike Homan

    Mike Homan New Member

    9u Ohio Outlaws '10 - Homan
    Coaches Mike Homan, Steve Huddleston & Bekah Huddleston

    It was great to finally get back onto the field together again. It was awesome to see all the kids playing & laughing together again. We played 7 games at the Emeralds Friendly in Canton hosted by Williamson and I must say watching some of these teams play, you would of never known the world went through a pandemic! Lots of good pitching and overall softball was played from what I seen. 9u team went 7-0 with the following scores:

    Outlaws 10' 8 - Silver Creek 10' 1
    Outlaws 10' 18 - Aftershock 1
    Outlaws 10' 10 - Lasers Blue (#10) 1
    Outlaws 10' 7 - Team PA Madison 5
    Outlaws 10' 5 - Ohio Phantoms (#8) 3
    Outlaws 10' 12 - Ohio Emeralds 10' 1
    Outlaws 10' 9 - Mentor Big Red 09' 3

    We outscored our opponents 69-15. We are headed to a tough tournament this weekend at the D1 event in Canfield hosted by the Outlaw Organization. We are playing against some of the best 09' teams in the state this weekend so it will be a good test for my young team.
  6. bucksmom40

    bucksmom40 New Member

    It was great to get the girls back out on the field! We played 7 games at the Emeralds 16 team friendly this past weekend. We went a solid 6-1 out scoring our opponents 55-10.

    Monsters 2 #19 Ohio Storm ‘10 1
    Monsters 10 Rebels 1
    Monsters 13 Slamforce 1
    Monsters 0 #2Ohio Outlaws ‘09 6
    Monsters 8 #7 Ohio Emeralds ‘09 0
    Monsters 14 Ohio Blast 0
    Monsters 8 Akron Racers ‘09 1
  7. Wolfpack31

    Wolfpack31 Active Member

    Sounds like we were in the wrong part of the state.

    With our original scheduled tournament cancelled, the Wolfpack 09 played in a rain shortened tournament in Ashland...

    We only got 3 60 min games, 1 pool play + 2 elimination. We went 2-1 on the weekend.

    Win vs Stingrays 09 5-2
    Win vs Black Widows 12-0
    Loss vs Stingrays 09 5-9

    Off to Canfield this weekend! Should be a great weekend of softball and competition! Best of luck to everyone!
  8. Lclightning9

    Lclightning9 New Member

    Lightning Fastpitch 10u Blue
    So happy to be back on the dirt....We played in Harrison, OH this weekend we went 2-2--- For only having 2 practices in before our first tournament and battling some injuries through the 2 days we played really well. I was super proud of our girls. All in all, we definitely fielded better than we hit (Had 1 bad game in the field after a 3 hour break). Our bats will come I am sure of it. This weekend:

    W Indiana Hustle 3-2
    W Red Dragons--Indiana 10-2

    L Red Dragons--Indiana -14-1
    L Cincinnati Slammers Orange 3-0 (Fielded great but couldn't get our bats going at the same time)

    Back at it this weekend for 3 games in a friendly.
    Emeralds '09, Stingray '09 and Ohio Storm '09 should be a competitive fun weekend.

    Good Luck to all this coming weekend!
  9. Stonerock

    Stonerock New Member

    It was great to get back on the dirt this weekend. We had a good tournament this weekend in Tealtown. Stingrays ‘10 we won our 3 pool play games that placed us as the number one seed finished second despite leading the entire game against Miami valley express cooper when their bats came on late. On the weekend we out scored our opponents 43 - 23. Next weekend we are at Stars and Strikes in Findlay.

    Stingrays 10 W 14-5. Mov pride
    Stingrays 10 W 18-5. Ohio edge
    Stingrays 10 W 4-2. Miami valley express
    Stingrays 10 L. 3-11. Miami valley express
  10. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    Great Job Rays 10!!
  11. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    really wanted to watch you guys this weekend since we were there.. Coach works this team hard
  12. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    Looking forward to seeing your young team this weekend Mike! Done great with them!
  13. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    We will also get to see Wolfpack 09, TE 09 in pool play up in Canfield this weekend! Good Luck you guys! Possibly some other ranked teams too
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  14. TTrbovich

    TTrbovich Member

    Ohio Ice Purple 09
    Coaches: Tim Trbovich and George Letosky

    Current Record 31-5

    It was great to get back to some normalcy this past weekend. Love to see the girls get to play ball and do something that they love to do.
    We played at the Perfect Storm Tournament at Todd Park. We won the tournament championship against a great Thunder Elite team. It was a great back and forth game. We are excited for this weekend at D1 Super Select in Canfield! The tournament is packed with alot of the top teams in the state including Beverly Bandits, Thunder Elite, Wolfpack, Outlaws Homan and many others friend PA. Good luck to everyone!! Glad to be back!!

    Perfect Storm Results 6-1
    Pool Play 2-0 Earned #1 Seed

    Defeated Steel City 9-0
    Defeated River City Venom 5-1
    Loss vs Thunder Elite 8-3

    Defeated Ohio Warriors 12-0
    Defeated PA Renegades 5-0
    Defeated Steel City 8-0
    Championship Game
    Defeated Thunder Elite 6-5
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